August 7

August 7
Here was your Henry lineup for last night:

Henry 1 – Old Man Pilcher (OMP)
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Houchins
Henry 4 – Orwad

D-Dawg was originally scheduled for the three-hole, but like he said he would, he called off so he could go out with Maria, who has the night off.

You don’t see officers call off all that often just for a date. We are not particularly well paid (the starting wage at MCSD is just $10 an hour) and we do not get sick days, so when you do miss work your bank account takes it in the shorts. And when we do call off because of a woman it is usually because it is mission-critical to getting laid. This was just their second date, and D-Dawg reports Maria is a nice girl so it is unlikely he will be scoring on the second date.

Houchins filling in is a surprise. This is just the second time he’s worked the hotel since the requirement that hotel officers be armed was dropped and for some reason he never found his way into the regular hotel rotation, not that he’s complaining. The official word from Houchins is:

“I don’t mind the hotel, but I don’t want to do it every goddamned night.”

And, in fact, he whined like a four-year-old when he found out he was in the hotel. Although come to think of it he also whined when he found out he was originally scheduled to be Charlie 11, a unit which has no assigned duties in the casino, except to rove all night.

As it was, we went without a Charlie 11, although dispatch went the whole night thinking there was a Charlie 11. The few times they called for Charlie 11 Bi-Bob spoke up and pretended he was Charlie 11, which was pretty funny because dispatch never seemed to catch on.

Houchins and I are pulling some OT tonight. We both signed up for two spots, the casino and Eddie 1, the employee parking lot, which is the easiest job on the planet since all you have to do is sit down and make sure no employee vehicles get stolen. Houchins got selected for Eddie 1 while I take the broom handle and get stuck actually working the casino. To further complete the humiliation, I am obliged to relieve Houchins for 482, a fact Houchins gleefully pointed out while reviewing the schedule in the briefing room after work.

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