February 11

February 11
Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – X-Ray

There were a couple of funny instances last night. The first came when X-Ray and I were sent to the 5th-floor vending area to deal with a sleeper. 

We get there and we find a cute girl in her early 20’s huddled in the corner next to the soda machine and behind a trash can she had moved to help hide her. Her name was Amy and she was huddled in the corner because her parents, who she was sharing a room with, were currently not in favor. 

X-Ray and I are both bachelors who have managed to avoid fatherhood, so we still tend to side with the kid in these matters. I pull the trash can out and we chat with Amy for a little bit, then I push the trash can back in.

“Here, Amy,” I said. “We’ll let you have some privacy.”

Amy laughs.

“You want us to go talk to your parents? We could rough them up a little.”

This made her laugh more.

“Do you have a gun,” she asked.

X-Ray and I looked at each other; we nodded our heads. 

“We’ve got some good flashlights, though,” X-Ray said.

“And handcuffs,” I said. “We could haul them in for questioning.”

Amy laughed again and we left her alone. Sometimes you just need to sit behind a trash can in the vending area. 

Later, I was sitting with my feet up in the plumber’s office in the 100 wing of the 13th floor (yes, there is a 13th floor; there is no bad luck at Monte Carlo) when Jeffrey, on bike patrol in the garage, came across a couple getting it on in an SUV.

– Baker 1, Control, I’ve got some 429 going on in the garage.
– WHERE!!!!!

Junior sounded just a little too enthusiastic there, but he’s known for enjoying peeping in on 429 in the garage. (429 is code for indecent exposure, though it is used whenever a code for sexual conduct is needed.)

– Level five, northeast corner.

Well, level five is the top level and is viewable from the 100 wing stairwells. I jump out of my chair, leave the office and make the short walk to the stairwell. The suspect SUV is visible and illegally parked off to my right. I don’t usually approve of irrelevant radio traffic but, in the interest of safety, I announce I am standing by, ready to render all possible aid.

– Henry 2 has visual contact.

This was ignored, as it should’ve been, and soon you see Ted, in his role as Mary 1, speeding up the ramp, also ready to render all possible aid. 

The goddamn windows are tinted, though, and, I can’t see anything except a window being lowered and a condom being thrown out. This pisses Jeffrey off and he makes the guy get out and pick it up and then he makes them leave. I announce that Henry 2 is 10-8, available for his next assignment. 

I did two shifts Friday and three-four months of six and seven shifts a week is starting to get old. And it’s starting to wear on others, too. Only half the OT is being signed up for. I did sign up for two OT shifts on my day off, Monday, and I think that may be it. High school baseball starts in early March and if can get a couple of normal weeks in and get back to a normal weightlifting schedule I can be ready for another season of umpiring. 

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Shaggy

It’s the start of X-Ray’s weekend, of course, and it looks like 77Dwayne is going to keep a rotating crew in the Saturday Henry 3 slot. Shaggy despises the hotel but I think he may be stuck because there is no one who likes the hotel to trade with.

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