February 16, 18 & 19

February 16
Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

It was the slowest night ever. I had two calls and one of those would’ve been Lee’s had it not happened right at shift change when he and X-Ray were still on their way to the hotel. It was a noise complaint on 15 and there was no answer and I was obliged to wait for Lee to make his way up so we could make entry. We think the occupants were older and deaf because the room had what Lee termed an ‘old people smell’ and there were lots of medications lying around.

There were a couple of factors contributing to making the night historically slow. One, occupancy was only 80 percent or so. Plus, there are a lot of Japanese in-house and they are generally very quiet and cause very few problems. 

X-Ray, Lee and I spent the last 45 minutes of my shift in the 12th-floor maid’s room, where end of shift debriefing is usually held. After my last 10-10 I had, of course, headed to the office to turn my scanner in, and, on my way back to the hotel I stopped by the EDR to see if there were any cute dealers to talk to and Lee was there getting ready to start his own 10-10 and he said he and X-Ray were “chilling” up on 12. Lee grabbed a banana and some OJ and we headed on up. It had been so slow it was the first time I had seen X-Ray all night.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – X-Ray
Henry 3 – Lee

February 18
Here is your Henry lineup for tonight: 

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Joe 

Joe is actually Jose. He changed his name when we got our new name tags but it’s hard calling him Joe and most of us are averaging only a 50 percent success rate with the new name. 

Joe’s a great choice for Henry 3, of course. He used to be a regular once a week Henry unit, until they moved him outside full time. I hate to sound like an old fuddy-duddy, but you can’t beat stability in the hotel. I never did like Henry 3 by committee, especially on a weekend and I know you didn’t either. 

We are down to 22 officers on graveyard. That’s 22 for the entire shift, all seven days. 22 is about the number to properly man a single shift. 

February 19
They had meatloaf in the EDR last night. EDR meatloaf is not Meatloaf of the Year, but I have yet to meet a meatloaf I couldn’t find some merit in and I ate about a pound of it. 

At 0330 I was sent to the 7th-floor E-Core to retrieve some lost and found stuff a guest had found lying around up there. I get there and the guest is standing there with a pizza box and a purse and some $1 bills lying on the floor next to it. The guy said he met a drunk girl in the elevator and he said the girl asked if he wanted to go and get a pizza. He says sure and they head to the food court and when they get back to the seventh floor she announces she has to go to the can and disappears. She never comes back. 

So I’m going thru the purse looking for some ID when the cell phone in the purse rings. The first time I didn’t bother answering it. The second time I did. I identify myself as a Monte Carlo security officer. Judging by her response, I might as well have said ‘serial rapist’. The girl demanded, several times, that I tell her where her friend is and I tell her, several times, that I don’t know and she also demands to know how in the fuck I got the purse. I hem and haw a little bit because I don’t really know who I am speaking with and I end up telling the girl the owner of the purse can pick it up at the Monte Carlo security podium, conveniently located near the cage. 

This causes more trouble because she thinks the cage is the name of a club at MGM, not a place in a casino where you conduct financial transactions, which obliged yours truly to spend a couple of minutes clearing that up. The girl is immature and demanding and eventually I hang up.

Then I have the pleasure of running into her at the podium while I am delivering the purse to Rich so he can check it into lost and found. The girl is crackers. I am treated to a virtual repeat of the phone conversation we had; she is still under the impression I am hiding her friend and even offers me $500 if I will produce her. Eventually, 88Dick comes and deals with her and she ends up calling the police and I am questioned and required to write out a statement, though somehow I manage to avoid custody. 

For the second time, I was named MCSD graveyard Employee of the Month! I am not making that up. At briefing 88Dick said “Officer Kent, front and center” and I was presented with another $40 comp to the coffee shop. I still haven’t used the first one, but what the hell. 

Jo(s)e gave me some crap for it in the hotel. He paid homage to me and opened doors for me and walked a step behind me and generally acted like my vassal. One time, though, he forgot protocol and had the nerve to precede me through a door. I corrected him, making him get behind me.

“Let’s not have this happen again,” I said, snottily.

Jo(s)e nods.

“Yes,” he says.

“Yes, what?”

Jo(s)e laughs. 

“Yes, sir.”

“Thank you.” 

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