January 27

January 27
There are changes coming to the EDR. They are doing some remodeling and they are making a big deal out a new healthy menu that will be debuting at the first of the month. 

We’re just hoping they don’t install one of those deals where you have to swipe your employee badge to get into the EDR. (Rumor has it Monte Carlo is the only casino on the Strip that doesn’t.) This would blow. Official Monte Carlo policy dictates employees are entitled to use the EDR only once per shift, but this rule could not be more violated if prizes were issued for non-compliance. A lot of employees – like security officers, for instance – go to the EDR on their breaks in addition to their lunch hours and there are so many day shift officers there for breakfast you could have briefing in the EDR.  

Also, our new uniforms will debut next week and graveyard will be the first shift to wear them. It starts next Tuesday. 

There will be more than new shirts and pants, too. Gone will be our utility belts. I was shocked when 77Rick said this at early briefing. The utility belt, in addition to being functional, is a BIG part of the Reid/Malloy fantasy. 

As a practical matter, it will also cut down on the amount of stuff we will carry on our belts. My utility belt (called duty belts in the trade) carries two sets of handcuffs, a radio holder, a pouch for rubber gloves, and a flashlight holder. Now, we will only carry a radio, one pair of handcuffs and maybe a flashlight. 

Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

I have passed very leisurely nights in the hotel the past two nights. Officially, it’s because I’ve been ill. Tuesday night in the casino I started coming down with something I am blaming on Taco Bell. Well, not Taco Bell specifically, more the sheer amount I consumed at Taco Bell. Wednesday night I went in and did as little as possible, barely getting a round in on a very routine night. I told 77Dwayne when I turned my scanner there wasn’t going to be much on it and he dismissed it with a wave of a hand, saying he was just glad I came to work and didn’t call off. Last night I was feeling better and got a little more than a round in, but not much more. 

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – X-Ray

To show you how fast X-Ray’s star is rising he now works the hotel exclusively, a privilege normally reserved for full-time Henry 1’s. I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t bumped me out of the Henry 2 spot, but, as noted, the protégé remains deferential to the mentor who instilled in him the love of hotel duty. X-Ray’s going to the top in the hotel racket, make no mistake about that, and, long after OMP dirt naps and my star had faded, X-Ray will be #1 on the hotel charts, with a bullet.

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