January 4

January 4
Tied, again, the record for Most Reports, One Shift, with three. Three is not a particularly large number of reports, others have done more during a shift, but I haven’t been at this job forever, so it’s my PB for now. 

The three reports imparted the following valuable lessons: 1) Don’t share a room with people unless you know their names; 2) Don’t stuff a Heineken that you didn’t pay for down your pants; and 3) If you smash your girlfriend’s car windows out, don’t subsequently return to the room you shared. 

I wasn’t even on the floor 15 minutes when the first one hit. I was sent to the CSO to take a call from a guest who had checked out in the morning and wanted to report his Game Boy was missing out of his backpack. It had last been seen on New Year’s Day about noon. Two days had passed and he had been in two airports and three time zones, but he swears it had to have been stolen in the room by those thieves in the Monte Carlo housekeeping department because his roommates were completely blameless even though he couldn’t name two of them. 

While I was wasting time writing that one up we get a call for officers to respond to the mini-mart that is in the casino right off the south fountain doors. Guy and I get there at the same time and the manager points to a skanky, homeless guy walking out of the casino, says he’s got a can of Heineken in his pants, and that she wants to press charges. 

It was plain this was not the guy’s first arrest; he had a solid working knowledge of being taken into custody. When he saw he was surrounded he compliantly put his hands behind his back and even though I wasn’t the arresting officer I get the report for that, too. 

Later, I am at the front desk waiting to get a room print out for the missing Game Boy room when dispatch tells me to stand by and wait for a lady coming out of the hotel. Evidently she had just received a call from her boyfriend informing her he had just smashed in the windows to her car. Russ, Bi-Bob and I end up walking her out to the garage and sure enough, the back window is smashed completely in and the front window was given a pretty good going over, too. While we’re attending to this the boyfriend actually calls her a few times to gloat and after Russ and I escort her back to her room and leave her with X-Ray and a cop, the boyfriend returns to the room, where he’s promptly arrested. 

Actually, now that I think about it, I didn’t even end up with the report on that one, Bi-Bob did. My third report came late in the shift. I was standing in the dice pit minding my own business, while Schempp and Bi-Bob are hanging out with Rich at the podium when the supervisor from the soft count room comes out and announces he has a fake C note. Well, that requires a report. Bi-Bob, who’s right there, immediately flees to join me, probably to help ensure the dice pit is safe, and dispatch ends up assigning me the report. It’s not that hard; there’s a sample one in the office and there’s a Secret Service form that has to be filled out and all in all it took about 20 minutes. 

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Coleman (OT)
Henry 3 – Lee

The last time Coleman worked OT guests got stuck in the elevator. We’ll see what happens tonight.

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