July 14 & 15

July 14
Both Silvia and Maria are having boy problems and PBX sounded more like a counseling session last night than anything else. 

Silvia simply is not getting enough attention from her man, and I’ve hung around PBX enough to know that Silvia’s attention demands are pretty high. Her man is not calling her when he said he would and they aren’t seeing each other as much as they used to and I told her it sounds like he’s losing interest and maybe she should start losing some interest herself and start going out with White Sox Metzger and see what happens. 

She laughed and said it’s all right cause there’s this other guy she just met and whoa nelly, he’s the total package, hot, nice, employed, the whole nine inches, er, yards, according to Silvia.

Maria reported she just had her first spat with her boyfriend of six months. Evidently they had plans this weekend which he initially canceled but then reinstated before he finally called them off because he ‘wanted to go out with the guys’.

I am not entirely sure why I am the go-to guy on this. I mean, I talk to them about the lousy luck I have with women, so they know I am not your relationship guru, but there I was listening like I was Dr. Phil. I told Maria, probably incorrectly, that he was probably seeing what he could get away with and Maria said she had taken charge and has spent the week telling him to buzz off.

I got relieved from Eddie – 1 about a quarter to seven, so I headed into the casino and met up with Rich, Radtke and Bi-Bob, who were killing time at a slot bank in front of the cage. Bi-Bob starts making a pest of himself, so I scram and go to the cage and talk to Angela, a very pretty assistant supervisor, who is standing at a window counting money. 

But Bi-Bob follows me, a blatant violation of the Guy Code which states, in part, you do not barge in on a guy when he is talking to a pretty girl. I wasn’t working it, mind you, (I am not entirely sure why Angela is pretty cute and funny) but it was some quality face time nonetheless. I told Angela Bi-Bob was flirting with me and I needed a place to hide and it was hell working with a member of the same gender who has the hots for you and all in all it was good for a few laughs. 

July 15
Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – X-Ray
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Jeremy (OT, day shift)

Oh baby, we were hopping last night. Jeremy and I got our first call while we were still in the basement and we were on the go up till 0345 when everybody finally went to bed and left us alone. 

Most of the action happened – and I know this will surprise you – when I was at 482. X-Ray and Jeremy were sent to break up a bachelorette party and when X-Ray and Jeremy arrived they were evidently thought to be the strippers that had been ordered and based on their official report a great deal of hilarity ensued. 

Finally, at 0345 I was able to get some serious sitting done. I reported to the 13th-floor plumber’s office, sat for 15 minutes, went and hit the scan point in the stairwell, returned and sat for 20 more minutes before hitting the button in the Henry 2 wallet indicating I was on the can and sat for another 15 minutes. Then I went to 18, worked my way to the maid’s room and sat until my final 10-10. 

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Dougie Fresh
Henry 3 – Michaels

What in the hell do I have to do to get a goddamn night in the casino?! I haven’t said two words to Naomi in weeks, Razul, the cute pit clerk supervisor, is ignoring me and Angela is all but wearing a sign saying “Ask me out, Gaylon” and I’m stuck doing tower checks. 

God, I hate the hotel.

July 13
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