MCSD Radio Codes And Floor Duties

Monte Carlo Security Department Radio Codes and Floor Duties

Common Monte Carlo Security Department 10 Codes
10-4 – Copy; I understand
10-6 – Busy, not available for assignment
10-8 – Available for assignment
10-9 – Repeat last transmission
10-10 – A ten-minute break
10-17 – Paperwork; sometimes shortened to 17
10-19 – Security office; can refer to the office itself or can be a direction to go to the office
10-20 – Location; invariably shortened to 20
10-21 – Telephone; telephone call; invariably shortened to 21
10-22 – Cancel; sometimes, but not always, shortened to 22
10-85 – En route; usually shortened to 85
10-100 – Restroom; usually shortened to 100. Can be either a noun or a verb!  For example, you can be 85 to the 100, or you can be taking a 100.


Common Monte Carlo Security Department 400 Codes
408 – Drunk; pronounced four-oh-eight.
416 – Fight; pronounced four-sixteen.
417 – Domestic dispute; pronounced four-seventeen
429 – Indecent exposure; used anytime a code for sex is required
443 – Officer needs assistance; pronounced four-four-three
482 – Lunch; pronounced four-eighty-two
483 – A 20-minute break; pronounced four-eighty-three
499 – Circumstances calling for emergency radio traffic only. Pronounced four-nine-nine.

Other Monte Carlo Security Department Codes
Code Four – OK; conditions normal.
Code 30 – Non-emergency situations where radio traffic is limited to a specific circumstance or incident, though not severe enough to warrant going 499. Pronounced Code Thirty.

Monte Carlo Security Department Radio Designations
88 – Shift Manager. Pronounced eight-eight
77 – Assistant Shift Manager; pronounced seven-seven
Baker – Officers working outside, riding a bicycle
Charlie – Officers working in the casino
David – Officers working in dispatch
Edward – Officers manning either the employee parking lot or the employee entrance
Henry – Officers working in the hotel
Mary – Officers working outside, driving a vehicle
X-Ray – An officer without a specific duty, usually reserved for new officers

Monte Carlo Security Department Floor Duties
Fills – The taking of gaming chips from the casino cage to a table game.
Validators – The removal of currency acceptors from slot and video game machines and replacing them with empty ones. Conducted by cage personnel and overseen by security officers.

Miscellaneous Locations, Titles and Abbreviations
86 – To trespass someone from property
CSM – Casino Shift Manager
CSO – Casino Security Office
HSO – Hotel Security Office
E-Core – Elevator lobby
Eddie 1 – The employee parking lot
Eddie 2 – The employee entrance
E-Lot – Employee parking lot
EDR – Employee Dining Room
FTO – Field Training Officer
PBX – The hotel operator’s office. PBX means Private Branch Exchange

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