November 19

November 19
Very busy last night. The crew had three reports and we went 499 in the hotel, had two fights in the food court within two minutes of each other one of which led to eviction from the hotel and there were more than the usual amount of noise complaints, guest assists and the usual hotel detritus.

The fun really didn’t start until 0030 or so. I had just concluded my first 10-10 and was in the second floor E-Core about to head back up when dispatch announces we are going 499. As has become their custom, they don’t announce where the 499 is, just that one is coming right up. I stay where I am, since I am at all three elevator banks. While I’m waiting, Jose, on his way to his first 10-10, joins me.

In a few seconds, we are sent to 13-336. 77Rick gets there just ahead of us and we make entry and the wife tells us her husband isn’t very responsive, which wasn’t a bulletin because we could see him lying inertly on the bed. He is breathing but can’t coherently answer questions and the wife says he’s been complaining of headaches.

The paramedics are already on property because the guests called them and there really isn’t much for us to do except stand by and provide a calming presence which is a big part of this job, actually. The paramedics spend several minutes on him, report his blood pressure is 150 over 40 which surprises them and they start in IV and some other things before transporting him.

At about 0215 or so I am at 482 when Junior gets on the horn and starts yapping like a hyena:


I roll. It is not difficult to get to the food court from the EDR. You exit and turn right and go past the cans and make another right and head down the stairs and you exit and you’re at the entrance to the food court.

Even though I didn’t dawdle getting down there, by the time I make my triumphant entrance everything has more or less quieted down, and, again, I find myself standing around looking authoritative. I am joined in this venture by D-Dawg, who had come in from outside. We stood there looking important, as if we were having an important conversation, when really we were talking about how funny it would be if we fought and pressed charges against each other and I called him a spic and he called me a cracker and it was on.

So that clears up and I go back to 482. I had already finished eating so I went to the EDR for some coffee and then head to PBX to bask in the glow of my angels, Silvia and Maria. James was there to; he doesn’t qualify for angel status cause he’s a guy, but he is pretty funny.

Silvia is prattling about this guy she’s seeing but not really seeing but maybe she is when there is another fight in the food court, this time in the 100’s. I run down again, taking a little longer because PBX is down the hall from the EDR, and by the time I get there it’s all cleared up though this is where someone gets evicted and I head back to PBX.

From where I had to leave five (5) minutes later. 77Rick wants to meet with me so I could give him whatever notes I had on the first fight. I have zero notes from the first fight, but it takes a few minutes to go tell him that and I am back in PBX preparing to wind down 482 when JK, Boy Dispatcher gets on the horn and clears Jose for his 482 which evidently means mine is over.

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