November 25

November 25
Here was your Henry lineup for last night:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

Oh baby, we were busting hump last night. From the get-go we were running around left and right.

Well, at least Lee and I were. X-Ray didn’t do squat. Every call seemed to be above the 12th floor. In fact, we even joked with X-Ray about it.

– Control to Henry 1 and Henry 2, the west tower is on fire; Henry 3, you’re clear 10-10!

There were two evictions, both because we had to make three trips to the same rooms for noise complaints. Unofficial MCSD policy states you get two freebies, then on the third trip to your room, you’re evicted. It’s unofficial because we’ve evicted before the third offense if the guest particularly annoys us, and it is not completely out of the question for a babe built like a brick shithouse, or better yet, two babes built like brick shithouses, to get warned every hour on the hour without actually being evicted.

Both evictions also featured registered guests who presented rather believable claims they had not been in the room until right before we arrived to kick them out. This really doesn’t matter though; it’s your room and if you leave you are still responsible for your guests’ conduct.

“Look, officer, we’ll be good. I’ll take care of it from here,” they invariably say.

In fact, the guy in the hot tub suite actually said that and then had the nerve to close the door on me.

Bad move. The guy is really going to go now and his significant breach of etiquette means he has forfeited the right to deal with the nice, friendly Gaylon.

It was a simple matter to open the door and the guy seemed surprised I entered.

“Look, I said I’ll take care of it.”

“Actually, you’ve had two opportunities to take care of it. Now you gotta go.”

“I want to talk to the manager.”

This request is routinely ignored. This is no longer a hotel matter, it’s a security matter and you are dealing with me, and, if I say you are going to go, you are going to go. It’s that simple. The only exception to this is if the guest drops the name of someone with some authority, like a casino host, a senior member of management or even Wayne Newton, which would indicate he’s a VIP and we don’t want to go kicking VIP’s out cause we’re a casino and we want their money. But this never happens.

“Well, sir, the manager is the one who sent us up. We’re acting on his orders. It’s time to go.”

It’s helpful in these circumstances to repeat the stated objective as often as possible. It also helped, I think, that Lee and I are both handsome (Lee is early 20’s, blonde hair and trim) because the young, beautiful party set does not like to be told what to do by dipwads.

I was glad we were busy because I was pretty tired. I had the pleasure of having Thanksgiving dinner at D-Dawg’s house with Heidi, Heidi’s mother, D-Dawg’s dad and brother and a cute friend of Heidi’s. D-Dawg and his brother had just bought a house together and it is being completely redone and dinner was off of a couple of card tables with paper plates and plastic forks and it was really a lot of fun. I even indulged in some red wine which always puts me to sleep.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Jose
Henry 4 – X-Ray

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