November 27

November 27
Here was your Henry lineup for last night:

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – D-Dawg

That’s it; they were short in the casino so, as usual, the Henry units bend forward and whistle Viva Las Vegas as X-Ray was moved to the casino.

D-Dawg’s final night in the hotel will be remembered for being veeery slow. Our first call didn’t come till I was at 482, a routine guest assist that D-Dawg, determined to go out with a bang, handled flawlessly. I didn’t get a call until 0332 when I had a guest assist of my own.

D-Dawg and I spent most of the last three hours hanging out together. We were sent on a noise complaint on 16 and afterward retired to the CSO, which was right down the hall, where D-Dawg called Silvia in PBX and BS’d for a while.

Which itself was funny. There is only one real chair in the HSO and I was sitting in it, so D-Dawg was sitting in a wheelchair and rolling back and forth like a retard.

We both really wanted to have one last chance to use our Procedures, where we would be forced to make entry into a room, flashlights drawn and fan out and scope the room out to make sure al-Qaeda wasn’t in there or anything.

And we did have two welfare checks, but we were foiled both times. In fact, we ended up looking like two dolts.

The first time we get to the door and I’m on the point and I knock and D-Dawg draws his scanner and is standing like he’s awaiting inspection. We get no answer, so I insert my master key and look at D-Dawg and announce “We’re going in” real serious like.

As I do this the goddamn guest opens the fucking door! I am not making this up! A middle-aged woman is standing there wondering, understandably, why this idiot (me) just said we’re going in and why another dufus (D-Dawg) is standing behind him with his back to the wall with what looks to be a flashlight drawn.

I immediately issue apologies and tell the lady she hadn’t answered her wake-up call and that we were just checking to make sure everything was all right. I think she believed me.

We were foiled again a few minutes later when a puzzled Oriental man answered the door right after I knocked and while D-Dawg was doing some preliminary staging for making entry. We decided that oh-for-two meant that it was simply not meant to be. We took our final 10-10’s in the 21st-floor maid’s room and after I turned in our scanners, we retired to the 12th-floor maid’s room and that was that. We enjoyed one final debriefing session together, at leisure, talking about chicks, girls and broads.

There was the usual butt-load of OT on the board for Monday, but I didn’t take any of it. One, I want a weekend off and two, I had an OT day last week, plus we get an extra day’s pay for Thanksgiving, so what the hell.

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