November 9

November 9
The news is as official as it is heartbreaking:

D-Dawg is leaving!

His last night will be November 27. I want to weep, but I’m committed to being strong.

As a result, I moped my way around the casino as Charlie 7 tonight. There’s (another) new schedule at work, designed to accommodate the new poker and pit drop times. This schedule was actually designed by Twerp who, between two jobs and a new baby, evidently didn’t have enough to do.

There was some funny radio traffic. Early on Russ, who was Charlie 3, and Code Four Carlin, who was Henry 3, had the following conversation:

– Charlie 3, Henry 3.
– Henry 3, go ahead.
– Yeah, regarding what we talked about earlier, mission accomplished.
– 10-9?

10-9 means repeat. Evidently Code Four Carlin had no clue what Russ was talking about because Russ was coming through loud and clear. Russ paused a second to consider the matter.

– Give me an extension for a 21 (telephone call).
– 10-9????

Even the concept of a telephone call was too much for Code Four Carlin to take. Rich and I happened to be standing next to each other when this went down, which was funny because Rich pretends to hate Russ and have no use for Carlin.

“This is great,” I said. “Russ and Carlin with their own secret code.”

“And Carlin doesn’t even understand it,” Rich said. “It figures.”

Jackie enthusiastically buffed the dome during changeover tonight. I had walked up to her meekly and asked if she would like to buff.

“YES!” she said commandingly, wringing her hands together. She all but breastfed me as she buffed with both hands.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

I can only take so much of the casino now. It will be nice to be back home.

Editor’s Note: it’s common to double-up when an entry is short, but tomorrow’s entry is rather long and rather historic, so it will run alone tomorrow. – gk

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