October 31

October 31
There was a funny incident last night while I was waiting for the guy to fill out his voluntary statement. 88TonyB gets on the radio.

– 88, Henry 2.
– Henry 2, sir. 10-6, 32-208
– Copy, sir. 21 me at 7180, code four. 

7180 is the extension for the supervisor’s office. I am standing with the guy in the bathroom in his suite and there is a phone in there, so I use that. I should’ve gone to the living room.

“Are you still up there with that asshole?!”

Holy crap! The guy’s sitting literally two feet away from me! While I’m hoping the volume level on the handset isn’t set on high I am backing up, stretching the cord as far as it will go. It doesn’t appear the guy heard Tony, however; he was pretty focused on writing his statement.

Turns out 88TonyB had been in Dion’s office when Dion had to hang up on him.

“Well, I’m 85 up,” he says.

Uh-oh. Tony does not suffer fools in the same polite manner I do. If he enters the room there is a high degree of probability he will smack the guy around, and, for good measure, screw the guy’s wife. Fortunately, the guy is wrapping up his epic statement and I can tell Tony to meet me in a nearby maid’s room instead.

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