September 29 & 30

September 29
Here was your Henry lineup last night:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

Veeeery slow last night. In fact, I had two calls all night. The first came about a half-hour before 482, as I was doing tower checks. It actually started in the casino, when some of the guys responded to the poker room where a guy was making a complete ass of himself. They send him up to his room, but he’s back at the poker room a few minutes later and they go through this a couple more times before 77Rick says he’s got to go. Wally and Russ escort him to his room so he can pack his things and since the room is on the 26th floor I am dispatched to join them.

We get there at the same time and while the guy is packing his stuff here comes Lee, undispatched, providing backup.

That’s the Lee way, right there, campers, always helping, always having his partner’s back. He is constantly thinking “How can I help?”

The CPR classes are winding down. Jeffrey wasn’t at the Tuesday and Wednesday ones. He’s got one of those families I keep hearing the guys talk about, complete with a wife and kids, including a three-year-old with cancer and there are doctor’s appointments and whatnot and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are bad for him so I did the classes solo.

September 30
Here was your Henry lineup for last night:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – X-Ray
Henry 3 – Lee

I tabulated my Foot on the Desk percentage and it came in at 41 percent, which is low. I prefer a FOD percentage closer to 50.

But there wasn’t much I could do. We weren’t that busy, but what there was was time-consuming. There were a half-dozen or so guest assists and I was obliged to spend a half-hour in a room taking a report on a guest with a tummy ache, so I guess 41 percent isn’t too bad.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – Old Man Pilcher (OMP)
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Jose
Henry 4 – Fred

As usual, Fred will be looking to switch. X-Ray is the morning line favorite.

There were only three students at CPR class last night. Since three students do not need two instructors, and since I am tired of waking up to the alarm clock, I will let Jeffrey do the final class by himself. It will be nice to be able to enjoy morning routine, which actually starts around five in the afternoon, at leisure.

September 25 & 28
October 3
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