The Diary of a Nobody/May 6

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Thursday, May 6
The cabin got an elite Level II cleaning this morning…The differences between a standard Level II cleaning and an elite Level II cleaning are subtle, but noticeable, resulting in a cleaner cabin…For example, when sweeping the kitchen floor I lifted up the edges and corners of the rug and swept up the straight line of dirt that was on all four sides, an amount the folks at Good Housekeeping might have been somewhat astonished at…I also got the new portable vacuum out and got, or tried to get, the cat hair off the bedroom blanket and the tablecloth, tho it should be noted the tablecloth was also washed today, too.

There were a lot of dishes in the sink, far more than usual…Now, you might be thinking there were more than usual because ol’ Sparrow does them regularly during the week but had neglected that duty this week…Wrong-o…I generally only do dishes on Thursday morning, but I generally rinse/wash the same ones over and over, but for reasons that may never be entirely clear, new dishes were used throughout the week.

The big news from the Laundry Desk is the seasonal sock switch out (SSSO) was done today, too…The winter socks were washed a couple of days ago and thrown on the floor so I could use the dryer for stuff just out of the washer and today I got them rounded up, sorted and tossed in a drawer…Recently ol’ Sparrow had splurged on some new spring/summer socks, the same leading national brand from the retailer I started using a couple of years ago, but the color schemes are a bit different…Almost interesting is it is not entirely clear where last year’s spring/summer sock inventory is…Some are in the drawer and some – in what is not being heralded as the Upset of the Year – scattered on the bedroom floor, but a complete inventory hasn’t been attempted yet.

Last month I started the process of refinancing The Shire…Again…Recall this was done last year when The Ex and I parted…Mentioning this is something yours truly has been meaning to mention for a while and apologies are issued for not keeping you completely current…The Ex and I bought the new ride together and I am under legal compulsion to have it paid off by August.

So I emailed Kathryn, the lady in town who runs the company that arranged for both the original mortgage and last year’s refinancing and she said sure, you can refinance now, six months generally being the accepted length of time between refinancings…Good, because The Shire continues to increase in value, right now estimated on the site that has always proven accurate at 228, which is actually up a couple of thousand in the past few days…The appraisal hasn’t been done yet so who knows how much the amount borrowed will be, but it should easily be enuff to satisfy my obligation and if it comes in high enuff there will be enuff to pay off all my other debt, leaving me with only the mortgage and today I got a text from Katie, the gal who actually works the loan for Kathryn, that we’ve received underwriter approval, which means that barring complete catastrophe, the refinancing will be a go.

Ol’ Sparrow dined at a pretty nice restaurant tonight, too, and able to sport the new corduroy blazer, to boot…The victim, er companion, was Julie, whom the longest-term of readers may – or they may not – remember was hired as the guest services manager at the timeshare when I was a front desk supervisor there a few years back and later – after we both lost our jobs there – worked together at Hotel A…Julie and I caught up on Faceplant recently, which she is seldom on, and BOOM soon enuff we had dinner scheduled.

The restaurant was, tragically, not the new, fancy French place I was going to take Alejandra to when I came dangerously close to an actual date last month…That restaurant is reopening this week…This one, tho, is a local institution and is constantly raved about so we headed there in good spirits and it was good – very good, actually – but nothing was 5-star great, which ol’ Sparrow has had from time to time and misses greatly.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 2030 Wednesday until 0230 Thursday, 6.0 hours for the nite and 28.5 hours for the week, causing all the momentum from Tuesday’s 10.5-hour marathon to come to a screeching halt.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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