August 2

August 2
I made a pest of myself in briefing last night as 88TonyB was giving us the lowdown on the parking arrangements when the garage closes. 

Most Monte Carlo employees will park on the top two levels of the MGM parking garage, which is across the street, with shuttles providing transportation to the Monte Carlo. Russ had chimed in that other employees were starting to ask questions about the new arrangement, such as how many shuttles there will be and how often they will run and 88TonyB, in a moment of heightened sensitivity, said he had no fucking idea how many shuttles there would be and suggested we refer goddamn employees to their fucking supervisors because we weren’t going spend all our time answering their lame-ass questions. 

That’s when I swung into action.

“Tony,” I said, raising my hand. “Any word on how many shuttles they’re going to be running from MGM to Monte Carlo?”

White Sox Metzger had a pretty good line in the changing room after shift. We were talking about the fire alarm that went off about 0415 or so. I really don’t know what the hell went on. I was in the garage and the radio traffic was, for some reason, hard to follow. What ended up happening was that not only did the fire alarm go off, but the EVACUATION button had also been pressed. Bi-Bob reported he had gone to the fire control room and engineering supervisor Justin was with him, and, instead of pressing the ALL CLEAR button, he had pressed the EVACUATION button. 

I wondered aloud exactly why the ALL CLEAR and EVACUATION buttons were that close together in the first place? I mean, could you imagine NORAD having the LAUNCH and DON’T LAUNCH buttons that close together?

We were having some fun with this when White Sox Metzger, in a really good Maxwell Smart imitation, puts a thumb and index finger close together and says “Missed it by that much”, which made us all laugh. 

There was no prime rib at 482! I refuse to push the panic button just yet, and I did enjoy some pretty good baked chicken, along with some peas, but I really hope this whole prime rib deal doesn’t turn out to be a one week and done deal because personal morale is sky high when I get prime rib every night.

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