August 10

August 10
Here was your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Orwad
Henry 3 – Special Ed

Oh baby, I thought D-Dawg was in deep trouble last night. I’m at 482 and I notice Heidi is sitting there with her friend Gina, who also works the front desk, plus the lard-ass bellman who appears to be stalking Heidi, plus a cute young Hispanic girl in civilian clothes.

Maria is a cute young Hispanic girl who wears civilian clothes to work and there aren’t many Monte Carlo employees in civvies at four in the morning.

This called for immediate action. I don’t actually know Maria, so I got on the radio:

– Charlie 9, Charlie 2. 

D-Dawg was Charlie 2.

     – Charlie 2, 10-8. 

Yeah, give me a 21 (phone call), code four.

I gave him the extension for a house phone in the EDR.

D-Dawg calls and I tell him the situation and he agrees that his time on this planet could be coming to an end and says ‘Oh shit’. I describe the girl and he makes me repeat it.

“Short hair?” he asks.


“Not long and curly?”

“No. Not long and curly.”

“It’s not put up? Sometimes she puts her hair up.”

“No, it’s cut short.”

“We’re code four then. It isn’t her.”

Just to make sure Maria hadn’t cut her hair in the past couple of days though, D-Dawg visited PBX to chat with Maria to make sure he’s still in favor.

But even that was fraught with peril. We were standing in pit 2 later and he told me about it. He said he and Maria were talking about doing some clubbing later in the week when someone named Penny, who D-Dawg said is one of Heidi’s spies, happened to stop by PBX at the exact same time.

“Shit, I put the brakes on that,” D-Dawg said, emphasizing his point by making a screeching sound and an exaggerated motion simulating the pulling of the emergency brake in your car, which was so funny it almost had me on the floor.

“I changed the subject pronto,” D-Dawg said, snapping his fingers to show just how fast he changed the subject. “I ended up asking her how she liked PBX and if the hotel was sold out tonight.”

We agreed that sooner or later he is going to die because all three of them get off work at 0700. These problems are mitigated right now to some extent because Maria, as a non-uniformed employee, is not required to utilize the employee entrance, which is good because currently D-Dawg and Heidi, who are, walk to their cars together.

D-Dawg and I discussed this and came to the conclusion his days are more or less numbered.

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