August 11

August 11
So Orwad and I are wrapping up a tough noise complaint on 31 when he tells me how much he really didn’t want to be at work that night.

This is not as exciting as it sounds. Orwad has a low, grating, monotone voice which is tedious to listen to. Plus he’s boring. Most conversations with Orwad tend to consist of him wondering whether or not he’ll be able to watch the NASCAR race this weekend and how much his brother-in-law pisses him off because all he does is get shitfaced and screw up the brake work on the car they are working on.

None of this interests me.

Tonight’s topic was his sister-in-law, who is staying with them so she can get her life back together and my initial thought was if your life is so screwed up living with Orwad is your best recovery option you might as well roll over and die.

And Lord, I did try to get out of this conversation, but all my usual conversation-enders like ‘Well, back to work’ and ‘See you at the next one’ while tapping my watch were overcome and dismissed. I was in for it.

Turns out his sister-in-law is a hooker by trade who wasn’t off the bus ten minutes before she had interviewed with, and been accepted for employment by, a local pimp. Orwad reported that her sister-in-law had reappropriated some of the proceeds from her activities from the company’s general fund to her own personal bank account. The pimp was no more pleased with being stolen from than any other small business owner would be and Orwad said the pimp has given them the option of either forking over these misallocated funds or getting the living fuck beat out of them.

I was saved only because I got a call after a few minutes.

We really wish Orwad would leave, but he seems to like it here, even though he is ridiculed mercilessly by some of the guys. Current plans are to let him bid for the next opening on day or swing shifts that comes up. He is too junior to get them, but if we arrange to have no one senior to him on graveyard bid for it, he’ll get it and then we can foist him off on someone else and he’ll be out of our hair.

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