August 17 & 19

August 17
The nice thing about working in a casino is that you don’t have to go far for an after-work libation, even at 0700. Your workplace is pleased to offer several full-service bars on the premises.

Houchins, D-Dawg, Matt, Redneck Randy and yours truly retired to the sports bar (the only one open at Monte Carlo at 0700 in August) to celebrate Houchins’ last graveyard shift. He reports for duty on swing shift – which we both trained on – after his weekend.

Matt had the best line. D-Dawg was on his cell talking to one of the 130 women he is currently dating when Matt said, loud enough for the girl on the other end to hear, “OK Rafa, you can take the dildo out, I’m all done.”

Oh, baby, that had all of us going. Houchins, typically, tried to top it but couldn’t and D-Dawg started laughing so hard he had to retire to a nearby slot bank so he could continue his conversation.

D-Dawg is treading on even thinner ice, if that’s possible. He is still seeing Heidi, whose stock has risen measurably the past couple of weeks, and Maria as well, who has always been a blue-chipper, and now he is working a cocktail waitress. D-Dawg said she just wants to get together and party and ‘do whatever’ and it wouldn’t be anything serious. He even used the words ‘booty call’. I told him to make sure to tell Heidi and Maria this wouldn’t be anything too serious.

I was Charlie 3 last night. It was pretty harmless, but I enjoy the hotel so much that even one night a week in the casino is a chore now.

I was manning Eddie – 2 during the 0200 hour when Junior gives me a 21 (phone call), wanting to know if I want a 10-10. Honestly, I don’t particularly need a 10-10. I had gone 482 at midnight and wasn’t particularly hungry and all it was doing at Eddie – 2 was sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee at leisure chatting with Schempp, who had stopped by, which is pretty much what I’d be doing on 10-10 anyway. Schempp had been sent out to relieve me at Eddie – 2 in case I wanted my 10-10.

But one of life’s lessons is you must take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, so even though I would be doing on 10-10 exactly what I was doing manning Eddie – 2, I told Junior sure, I’ll take a 10-10. I even waited the customary five minutes from the time I was cleared for my 10-10 to tell dispatch I was starting my 10-10 even though I never moved from my seat on the bench right outside the door.

My new shoes completely rule. Offhand, I’m calling it shoe purchase of the year.

August 19
Usually working in the hotel is pretty laid back. You tell people to pipe down so their neighbors can sleep, you let people in their rooms and you seldom find yourself concerned with your personal safety.

Last night, though, was one of those rare moments where you find yourself wondering what could be waiting for you on the other side of a closed door.

I had been dispatched to a room because their neighbors were whining they were smoking pot. In fact, you could smell it three doors down.

Invariably everything ends up being OK. The guests involved are invariably mellow and just want to get along. They realize they are in as much trouble as I want to make for them, but we don’t want to make trouble on graveyard and if the guests show a cooperative attitude we will allow them to continue to enjoy their stay here at the lovely Monte Carlo, though the Nazis on swing shift would have them out on their ear quicker than you can say “Pack your bags”.

Still though, and in accordance with MCSD policy which calls for two officers on any 446 (dope) call, I radio for Special Ed to back me up. Because you never know. In addition to the potheads, there could be others doing smack or blow or who knows what else and if I’m going to get shot by some dealers I certainly do not want to get shot alone. Someone is going down with me, goddammit.

So Ed shows up and we knock and get no answer.

– Henry 1, control, there’s no response.
– Copy. Stand by. 

Junior phones the room but there’s no answer. He tells us to make entry.

And this is where you wonder what may be on the other side of the door. It’s a very fleeting thought, because Monte Carlo is a classy joint, not some housing project, but you never really know if some Colombians are lying in wait for you until you open the door.

As it was, the room was empty. Visual inspection revealed nothing more lethal than mouthwash and I reported this to dispatch and Ed and I left.

The EDR has really been mailing it in lately. Usually, they’re pretty average, but this week they haven’t even bothered being average. Everything on the buffet line has been dry or overcooked or otherwise noxious and they’ve been trotting out a lot of deep-fried food lately and the salad bar is being ignored, too. The lettuce looks old and the dressings are always nearly empty and, in a grave crime against humanity, they are always out of croutons.

Not only that, there haven’t been fresh pastries after 0400 like there usually are. I don’t usually indulge in sweets, but it is nice to walk in on your 10-10 and be able to smell fresh pastries.

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