August 12, 13 & 16

August 12
I finally got around to buying a new pair of shoes for work. Allow me to introduce you to the Bates Comfort Flex Sting Ray. I tried to purchase these immediately after I started in January, but they were back-ordered till August. I was going to buy another shoe, but decided August wasn’t all that far away and decided to show some patience.

As it usually is, patience is rewarded. I’m putzing around the Internet last night when I get an email from our friends at announcing that our long national nightmare was over, that Comfort Flex Sting Rays were finally in stock. I checked and they even had my size, 10 wide.

My course of action was clear: I ordered a pair and even forked over for two-day shipping because I want them right now.

I will look totally hot in these bad boys. I have been wearing my Converse Running Ref basketball officiating shoes, which have served me fairly well, actually,  but I’m a security officer, not a basketball ref and it’s about time these things came in.

August 13
Here was your Henry lineup for last night:

Henry 1 – Old Man Pilcher (OMP)
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Jose
Henry 4 – Russ

The shocker in the four-hole came about because Orwad called off. We do not know why Orwad called off, nor do we particularly care. Maybe the pimp came by and delivered the smackdown, or maybe he has dandruff. Either way, no one was getting too worked up about it, even though the story of the impending pimp smackdown is common knowledge because Orwad did everything but issue a press release on the matter.

Russ doesn’t work the hotel all that much. He finds the solitude that some of us who do work the hotel enjoy boring and is on record as preferring the casino.

Russ did get stuck with a report, though. That was a complete clusterfuck. We were sent to the eighth floor because some kids were throwing Jolly Rancher candies out their window. Unfortunately, the outside units who reported this didn’t get the room number right and Russ and I woke up guests in two rooms who had nothing to do with the matter. I then got sent on a guest assist and 88TonyB and 77Rick came up and took charge and eventually we found the culprits.

August 16
My new Comfort Flex Sting Rays arrived today and oh baby, I’m in love. They fit perfectly and we have another example of it paying to fork over for top quality gear, a lesson I originally learned sports officiating. I am wearing them as I write this, and, to celebrate, I am about to drop and give myself twenty.

Rich had a really funny line in briefing tonight, the typical, droll, low key line that is Rich’s stock in trade.

Houchins and I were discussing the delivery of a dinette set I am freeloading off him. I have freeloaded everything in my bachelor pad, except for a couple of coffee tables, but even those were bought at a thrift store and were purchased to compliment some crap someone gave to me. Houchins is not only delivering the table and chairs but is bringing a screwdriver to set the table up with because the only tools I have around the house are a hammer and a tape measure.

“You do have beer in the frig, don’t you?” Houchins asked.

I shake my head. I seldom drink beer and never have any in the house.

“I do have some protein shakes, though.”

“Boy, you’re in for a long day,” Rich said.

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