August 31

August 31
The intrepid Monte Carlo Security Department bravely hooked up two hookers tonight. We don’t usually arrest hookers, preferring to chase them out, but they started acting like tyrants, obliging us to lay the hammer down.

I don’t know a whole lot about the first one. I was doing the west pit drop with Matt when the first one went down a little after 0300. 88TonyB encountered a hooker he’s been throwing out for years and when he went to kick her out again she took it to DefCon 1 and the next thing anybody knows she is being hooked up for disorderly conduct.

D-Dawg ended up taking a lot of crap after the arrest. He had provided back-up and had tried to subdue the girl and evidently his restraining techniques weren’t exactly out of the MCSD handbook. He demonstrated them in the changing room after shift and he looked like John Stockton playing defense.

I did have a tangential, though somewhat key role in the second arrest. It started after I had gotten the keys for the keno audit from the cage. I was walking with Shana in front of the cage when we get word there is a fight in front of the cage.

This is news to me. I am standing in front of the cage and don’t see anything, except for a couple of guests cashing in their chips. Ted, watching from dispatch, also wonders what all the fuss is about and I tell him everything is code four and he says OK and I continue escorting Shana to the keno lounge, spend a few minutes watching Shana do whatever it is keno auditors do before escorting her back to the cage and returning the keys I had checked out.

I exit the cage and see Rich and a lesbian officer we call Butch escorting a hooker to the door. They appear to have that under control and I go and join Redneck Randy who is talking to a guy who, it turns out, had recently purchased the services of the hooker Rich and Butch are escorting out. Evidently the two had argued about the man’s refusal to pay the girl for the professional services she had rendered.

The working sex professional is, more or less, out of luck here. Prostitution, while legal, honorable work in most parts of Nevada, is a filthy, disgusting, illegal trade here in Vegas. Since it is illegal, not paying a hooker isn’t really a crime either.

The problem came as Rich, Butch and the hooker reached the south fountain door. Butch is reading her the trespass warning from a card we all keep on us and the girl knocks it out of Butch’s hand then she starts mouthing off and takes a swing at Rich who is a pleasant, amiable sort and unaccustomed to being swung at. She even knocked his magnetic employee of the month nametag off.

Redneck Randy and I were trailing and were almost at the doors and got there just as Rich and Butch had the girl subdued and Redneck Randy had his cuffs out and on her in short order. Poor Rich will be there till about 11 or so waiting for the cops and doing the report.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – Orwad

Hopefully, Lee and I will get another mission like we had last week. That completely ruled.

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