September 1

September 1
Orwad quit! 

I am not making that up! Our long national nightmare is over!

The best part was I was the first to know and was able to get the rumor mill started. There are more rumors in a casino – and they travel faster – than even in a Lutheran church.

Here how it gets churning: I was in wardrobe getting my uniform about 2130 when I ran into Orwad. He was talking with Heddy and, based on the excerpts I picked up eavesdropping, I gathered Orwad was cleaning out his garment bag. He then went to the wall and hung the bag up on a bar and, in fact, started cleaning it out, the first, glorious sign the Orwad era was ending.

So I asked what the deal was and he said he had another job lined up that started tomorrow so I offered my hand said good luck though I didn’t care enough to ask what that job was. His sister-in-law’s pimp could’ve pressed him into slavery, for all I know.

I head into the changing room to get ready for work (I’m Henry 1, remember and report for duty an hour early) when Bi-Bob walks in. (Bi-Bob and Rich both arrive ridiculously early.) I reported the news flash and Bi-Bob didn’t even blink, he turned and sprinted out the changing room door and was spreading the news faster than you could say “482”.

It was really, really slow last night. I had four calls the whole night, half of them five minutes before quitting time when Lee and I were sent on a couple of welfare checks, which resulted in 15 minutes of OT for yours truly.

Lee and I didn’t have another mission. Our big call was when we were sent to a room to shut off a runaway alarm clock.

Usually, the room is empty in this situation, but this time after knocking, receiving no answer and then making entry, we see a pretty blonde lady in the sack, completely oblivious to everything. The alarm is pretty loud and you either have to be dead or pretty far gone not to hear it and Lee – always thinking safety – insisted we verify she was alive and I make a motion similar to unzipping my fly and we both laugh silently and then I got close enough to hear her breathing and then Lee and I left.

There was a funny instance early on. I had returned to the office to get a new radio. Our radios are pretty old and crappy and this is not unprecedented. I get there and Houchins and Jackie are checking out from swing shift and somehow we got to talking about how the rumor concerning Orwad having the hots for Jackie got started. It was a nice, tasty tidbit that had been floating around for a while.

I told Jackie I had no knowledge of how that rumor spread, a blatant lie because Houchins had told me himself and he was standing right there, but I couldn’t very well say that cause Jackie was not only pissed by the rumor, she also goes six foot, 290 and could dismember Houchins – and me, for that matter – at need. Houchins would later thank me for my discretion.

Anyway, Jackie told us Orwad had actually confronted her on the matter. Jackie said Orwad had come up to her and said he had heard she had the hots for him but he was a married man and that – and this is good – he realized it took a real man to turn her head.

I have no idea what your Henry lineup is for tonight. I forgot to check. Apologies are issued.

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