August 4

August 4
There’s a swing shift opening up for bid and Houchins has announced he wants it, and since he’s senior to anyone else who wants it, he’ll get it. I happen to be a few days senior to Houchins, and I once told him I would bid on any swing shift opening just to screw him and keep him on graveyard, which he really doesn’t like, but I enjoy graveyard and don’t really want to go to swing shift, so I didn’t sign up despite the fact it would be fun to screw Houchins.

There’s big news on the Monte Carlo dating front. Rafa D-Dawg is seeing both Heidi from the front desk and Maria in PBX (it’s the hotel operator’s office; no one in PBX is altogether sure what PBX means), and since all three of them get off work at 0700 D-Dawg probably has some problems coming up. Right now though, he’s managed to avoid them, mainly because Maria wears civilian clothes to work and doesn’t have to park in the employee parking lot like D-Dawg and Heidi do.

And Eric, a bike officer known by some as Monster, appears to be dating Princess Emma, who works in the cage. This is an upset. A couple of weeks ago the three of us were having 482 (lunch) together and Eric was acting like a four-year-old while I gave a clinic in Paying Attention To A Young Lady but evidently the Princess doesn’t mind babysitting because they’ve gone out a couple of times already.

And recently I told Rhonda, a pit clerk supervisor, that I had the hots for an assistant casino shift manager named Maggie which, Rhonda being Rhonda, was the same as if I had actually gone up to Maggie and told her this myself. Rhonda is the clearinghouse for casino romance information. In fact, last month she had told me a certain woman had the hots for me, though I couldn’t be bothered to act on it.

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