July 31

July 31
Got off a funny line in briefing last night. At least I thought it was funny. It seemed to go over the heads of most the ding-dongs and misfits that comprise the MCSD graveyard crew.

88TonyB had passed out company-provided orange wristbands, similar to the yellow Lance Armstrong ones, although these have ‘Keep It Fun’ etched on them. It’s part of Responsible Gaming Week, and we were also treated to a letter containing the standard corporate BS about how great responsible gaming is even though if everyone practiced responsible gaming Vegas would be a ghost town, because, honestly, the only responsible gaming is keeping your money in your pocket.

The letter stated, among other things, that Responsible Gaming Week runs Monday through Friday.

“So it ends just in time for the weekend, then?” I asked rhetorically.

Nothing. It was as if I had read the weather forecast. Well, a couple of people chuckled, but that was it. Their loss, too, because it was one hell of a line if you ask me. I was so pleased with my line I repeated it, and, even tried to explain it for the benefit of those sitting next to me. My analysis did, to quote a pretty girl I know, some zero good.

“Look,” I said, making some appropriate hand motions. “It runs Monday through Friday. Ending just in time for the weekend. You can blow all your money on the weekend. It’s all right.”

Nothing. I might as well have been reading from the phone book.

The hotel was a complete pothouse last night. Old Man Pilcher (OMP) and I worked a noise complaint late. We knock and a woman opens the door a crack and there are three of her friends huddled near the window, which is wide open, a circumstance which causes the air to escape through the open door, so it’s blowing right in our faces. We almost had to evacuate to the Employee Dining Room (EDR) to scrounge for some Ruffles and burritos afterward.

Official Monte Carlo policy is that we abhor the use of illicit drugs, just like you do. And if they had been caught by the Nazis on swing shift they would’ve been thrown out. But we’re pretty mellow here on graveyard – probably because of all the second-hand pot smoke we inhale – and if all you’re guilty of is smoking a little grass, we’ll let it go, providing you have a good attitude and agree not to bother us the rest of the night.

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