The Diary of a Nobody/May 7

It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life… Friday, May 7 It was an interesting session in the gym this morning…It was only the third workout since returning from the road trip and the first after a few days of the new vegetable regimen (VR) so it was hardly a bulletin that there wasn’t… Continue reading The Diary of a Nobody/May 7

August 2

August 2 I made a pest of myself in briefing last night as 88TonyB was giving us the lowdown on the parking arrangements when the garage closes.  Most Monte Carlo employees will park on the top two levels of the MGM parking garage, which is across the street, with shuttles providing transportation to the Monte… Continue reading August 2

Chapter 16/The Row

One Not too surprisingly, I was sentenced to death. By the same jury that had convicted me. The papers liked to make a big deal about how I showed no emotion when the sentence was read but you know what? You can’t show what you can’t feel and I felt none. Surprising. Somebody orders your… Continue reading Chapter 16/The Row

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