December 14 & 15

December 14
After three months of consideration, with input from not only Randy Morton, the boss here at Monte Carlo, but also the chairman of MGMMirage Resorts and maybe even Wayne Newton himself, it has been decided our new uniforms will be white, button-up shirts with black slacks.

This will be a change from our current uniform of white, button-up shirts and black slacks. I’ve seen the new shirts. They look like regular white dress shirts, though Monte Carlo Security will be embroidered above the left pocket.

Our current shirts are more military-ish. They have epaulets and two pockets with flaps with Velcro tabs and permanent military creases.

The new shirts do not have creases, and the one pocket does not have a flap, which means my notebook and glasses will be falling out left and right. Gone will be our badges and utility belts, which is hardest to take because they’re a big part of the Reid/Malloy fantasy.

Russ, manning the employee entrance, broke a major crime ring last night when a female employee who works at one of the retail shops tried to leave with a bag full of stuff she shouldn’t have tried to leave with.

Actually, she had a receipt for some of the items, but she didn’t have written authorization for the stuff she hadn’t paid for so Russ drew the logical conclusion she was stealing them.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Coleman
Henry 3 – Lee

X-Ray gets the broom handle, as Coleman pulls some OT from day shift.

December 15
Had the rare guest stuck in the elevator call last night. It was about 0400 when all three Henry units were sent to the 23rd and 24th-floor elevator cores because elevator 13 appeared to be stuck between the 23rd and 24th floors.

We all ended up on 24, which is academic because there really isn’t anything we can do. We certainly aren’t going to climb down and rescue them. Engineering will take charge and get them out and we’re just standing by to assist when we finally get around to releasing them from their captivity.

It took about 40 minutes and the four Canadian guys were very good about it. They were from Beaumont, Alberta and I got the impression they really wished the front desk manager, Penelope, would’ve left them alone because she was asking if there was anything she could do for them.

They definitely could’ve gotten a comped breakfast out of it, and probably even a limo ride to the airport. The Monte Carlo is very interested in keeping guests happy. If they had suggested a comped suite on New Year’s Eve Penelope would’ve laughed, complimented them on their obvious sense of humor, and taken care of their room for the night. As it was, they had a late flight out, so Penelope immediately authorized a 5 pm checkout, which is really sweet. Check-out time is 11 am, and it is a lot nicer having a room during that time than not having one.

That was only my second call of the night. Earlier, Coleman and I had a welfare check. That was it.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

I know you’re as glad to see X-Ray back as I am.

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