December 23

December 23
Tied a personal record last night:

Most Reports, One Shift: 3

Oh, baby, the whole crew was hopping. The outside units hooked up two for trespassing and kicking some cars in the employee parking lot while at the same time Lee and I were 499 for a lady who was complaining about chest pains and numbness in her left arm.

Well, those are pretty serious symptoms, so Lee and I bust hump over there. By chance, and by mistake, we both end up at the HSO to get the med bag, but there are three of those, the actual med bag, plus the oxygen bottle bag and the AED, so four hands are better than two. 

We run. Down the 100 wing after leaving the bell elevators and down the 200 wing and when we get there the lady is sitting on the bed, conscious, breathing normally and showing no signs of anything more serious than dandruff. In fact, if Lee and I weren’t in such good shape, we would have been the ones needing oxygen. We are both glad it’s a false alarm. 

This is the first report. 

The second came courtesy of that schizoid ding dong from last night who had the gypsies after her; I was sent to her room on a missing property call. She is missing a necklace made from a $20 gold coin that could be traced back to ancient Greece or Waco, Texas or some crap like that. Who the hell knows? She was babbling left and right. She also claimed to be missing some casino chips, cash and a $70 slot ticket, which we suspect one of her equally fascinating travel companions ran off with. Later, I found out she had filed similar reports with day and swing shifts. 

Later, I was obliged to spend a rather pleasant half-hour with two Korean boys, ages 8 and 12. They were brothers who had been found in the lobby without their parents and Lee was watching them in their room when I came off 10-10 so I went and relieved him. 

Both boys were very polite and graciously answered my idiot questions about what it was like to be Korean. Eventually, we got hold of dad (mom appeared to be staying at the Luxor) and he returned to the room. 

I saw their passports and noted that none of them had the same last name! I don’t know if this is a Korean thing or what, but the only common name was Dad’s last name and the oldest son’s first name, which was Kim. 

This reminds of another Asian phenomenon. There are a lot of Asian dealers at Monte Carlo and the women usually sit together in the EDR. There is this one cadre and they all appear to be speaking the same language even though none of them appear to be the same race. Well, two are Chinese, but another is Japanese and another is, I think, Thai. (Oh, baby, this woman is gorgeous. Tall and statuesque. Hubba-hubba.)

Anyway, these women prattle constantly. I wish I could understand because they are always laughing (unlike their Ukrainian and Bulgarian counterparts, who are usually very serious about matters) and I am wondering what language they are using because unless I am missing something there isn’t a common Asian language. 

In other EDR news, there has been nothing but salad forks the past few days. I have no idea where the dinner forks went. I asked, but no one seems to know. I don’t know if we’re supposed to eat only salad now or whether this is an unintentional breach of etiquette. 

I forget what the third report was. It wasn’t the salad forks in the EDR, though.

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