December 24

December 24
Here was your Christmas Eve Henry lineup:

Henry 1 – Old Man Pilcher (OMP)
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Jeremy
Henry 4 – Special Ed

Jeremy and Ed were, of course, OT, and had a casino unit called off I would’ve been bumped to the casino.

Good thing no one did. Oh, baby, I had some world-class female nudity, simply one of the prettiest young ladies this planet can muster. 

She was a Persian girl, which wasn’t a surprise because we’ve had wall-to-wall Persians this week because, frankly, this is the least expensive time of the year to visit Vegas. I was dispatched to the Mail and Information Desk in the lobby to escort a couple up to their room on 32. I get down there and this Persian couple in their mid-20’s is waiting for me. They are both fashionably attired and the girl is pretty hot, not wearing a veil or anything, just a slinky dress and some traditional western high heels. 

On the way up the girl mentions there might be another girl in the room and she suspects this girl of theft and general malfeasance and if she is in there she wants her out. 

Well, OK, I can do that. Assuming the girl isn’t a registered guest, of course. If she is, then she is entitled to be in the room.

So I let them in and not only is the other girl in there but a Persian guy as well. Girl B was in bed and pulling the sheet up over her, and, while the guy was fully clothed, he was seen backing up from the bed and zipping his fly, and you didn’t have to be Joe Friday to conclude we had interrupted the act of fellatio. 

Girl A says the Girl B’s got to go but Girl B doesn’t want to go so I go to the phone at the bed and you gotta believe me when I say I didn’t immediately realize it was right next to the naked girl until she tried to get dressed and nudged me because I was stepping on her thong and her bra and it was while she was putting these things on that I realized she was the most beautiful young lady I had ever seen. This was strictly a professional observation and I also professionally observed her getting dressed, just to make sure the thong fit properly and all that. You know. 

Anyway, she ends up leaving and when I leave I run into her sitting near the elevators on 32. I stop and sit across from her and ask if there is anything I can do for her. She is wearing a mini skirt and has the nicest legs in history, bar none. I’m sorry, this isn’t even subject for discussion. She said she was kind of confused about what had happened but she had some friends and someplace to go, adding she was embarrassed because her fellow Persians had big mouths and soon everyone in her cadre would know what had happened, which was basically blowing somebody at the Monte Carlo when this hot, buff security guard came in and kicked her out. 

Then she made a phone call. Having no place better to be than sitting across from the prettiest girl I had ever seen I stayed and eavesdropped, which did me some zero good because the conversation was in a language I didn’t understand but which turned out to be Farsi, which was so pretty to listen to I would’ve left a Visa number with her to have her whisper the room service menu in my ear. 

I manned Eddie – 1 for swing shift, too, and I got off the best line of the night. FTO Terry, Vitello and 77Charles are walking this drunk out of the doors at the poker room and they’re at the corner of South Drive and the valet entrance, right across from the Eddie-1 shack. The guy has stopped and is regarding a stop sign with some awe. He was older and shabbily dressed. 

Why’s the drunk wearing a Monte Carlo security shirt – oh wait, that’s Terry! My bad. 

I was rewarded with a smile from 77Charles and the finger from Terry. 

Terry bided his time and got me back. The guy eventually made it down South Drive and crosses to New York, New York.  

– Gaylon’s dad is off property, heading south on the Boulevard.

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