December 31

December 31
Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Jose

Boy, oh boy, the deal almost went down in the hotel last night. 

I had just finished a guest assist at 18-328. I had gone into the room to verify the guest’s ID with the name on a luggage tag and I exit the room and holy living fuck, two very large, very pissed off black guys are arguing in the hall! And I do mean arguing; I got the feeling they could start banging heads any time. 

So I trot down the hall and yell “HEY!” in my most authoritative voice, the one that would have Hitler snapping to attention.

It didn’t even register. They are face to face and going at it and looking back I’m glad it didn’t register because it occurred to me I may not want their complete and undivided attention. 

– Henry 2, let’s get some backup here on 18, 300 wing. We got a nice verbal going on. 

Eric the Monster was the first to arrive; he was in the EDR on 482 and had commandeered an elevator that had been getting cleaned. 

I was glad to see him. One, he’s Baker 2 so he’s armed, just in case, and two, he’s a strong guy like me and we are able to separate them but they are still yelling at each other because evidently one dissed the other one’s woman or something. 

We get it sorted out without punches flying. The other Henry units arrived, though it took them a while, and so did 77Rick and 88TonyB and a couple of Charlie units. 

You could understand OMP taking a while to arrive; Christ, he’s 110 and doesn’t move like he did when he was 90. Jose apologized and said he was taking a crap when it all happened. 

About 0230 I was dispatched to a room because a guest claimed he lost his medication. I knock and am admitted and there are two guests, both male in a room with one bed, and, both displaying stereotypes commonly associated with homosexuality. I dive into the case just like Reid and Malloy would; I get a description of the missing medication and information on when and where it was last seen, the whole nine yards. About this time his lover gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. I ask the guy if I can look around and he says sure and I check his bag, which I really didn’t want to do, and I open the armoire drawers and voila, there’s his medication. He accused his partner of hiding them from him and apologized profusely. 

I did two on Friday and was Mary 2 on swing shift. Vitello was Mary 1 and was sitting near valet pickup and I pull up next to him, just like Sgt. McDonald would have with Reid and Malloy in the field, with our drivers’ side windows next to each other. He mentioned that he had been on patrol for a couple of hours and hadn’t shot anybody yet. Vitello seldom works outside, which is OK with him – and wasn’t selected to qualify on the new .45’s, though he was carrying a .38. 

“So,” he asked. “Which are you carrying?”

“Actually, I still have to take a lethal force course before I can pack.”

“So if they dig a .38 slug out at the autopsy, it’s mine, isn’t it?”

I laughed and said yeah, you better be careful. 

Day shift checked in at 0700 for an 11-hour shift and a combined swing shift/graveyard mess will work from 1800 till 0600. Parking is going to be a fiasco. They’re opening up the old employee lot, which is used for construction vehicles and whatnot but I don’t know if that will be enough for everyone. 

Just for funsies, here is your Henry lineup for tonight: 

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – Mike S.
Henry 3 – Stan
Henry 4 – X-Ray

X-Ray’s star continues to ascend, making the New Year’s Eve hotel crew.

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