July 28

July 28
For the second night in a row an employee slipped and fell in the EDR and this time the guy, Mike, a supervisor in the slot club, was hurt. Not only did he separate his shoulder, but after Guy dropped him off at the clinic there wasn’t a doctor there to treat him, obliging Guy to return and pick him up. 

Unfortunately for Mike, it took us a while to decide where to take him. There was a lot going on and 77Charles was occupied in the hotel and Mike was left with his arm hanging at his side for about ten minutes. 

At 0115 or so I am dispatched to pick Mike up. We had decided on a clinic nearby, on Harmon, more or less behind the Aladdin, and I have to wait about ten minutes or so which was great cause at one-thirty in the morning the cream of Vegas society hangs out in workers comp clinics just off the Strip, though no one there was gracious enough to stop taking up four or five chairs to let me sit down.

At 0615 I park at Eddie – 2 to head down and turn my scanner in and I run into Bi-Bob, Brandon, and a couple of others sitting and talking. I slum for the cheap, easy laugh. 

“Good morning, men…Bob.”

Used in moderation, this line never gets old. And like all my good lines, this one isn’t original either. I stole it from MMCS(SS) J. Garvin on the old USS Blueback (SS-581 DBF). Senior Chief Garvin’s usual target was a fellow Quartermaster named Benny Hill, a funny guy Garvin had no use for, a category I would eventually fall into. The line also gets big laughs at umpire meetings. 

So I enter the casino through the fire doors and Rich is at the podium. He asks if Bi-Bob is still out at Eddie – 2 because, evidently, Bi-Bob was going to relieve Rich so Rich could go to the can. 

“Yeah, he’s still talking to Brandon. Probably trying to recruit him for the homosexual lifestyle.”

Rich laughs. 

“I think they’re behind on their quota for the quarter or something.”

So I go and drop the scanner off and heading back out I stop at the podium and Bi-Bob sees me, points at me, and joins us. 

“How dare you!” Bi-Bob says, accusingly, pretending to be annoyed. “Telling Rich I’m recruiting Brandon for the homo lifestyle.”

I look at Rich, then Bi-Bob.

“Bob, you were showing him brochures!”

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