July 29

July 29
It’s official, for now, at least: the garage is coming down next week.

This will have a significant impact on everyone; guests, employees, you name it. One, guests will no longer have covered parking, key during the nine months of the year when it’s hotter than hell here. Guest parking will be limited to the short term lot and what is now the employee lot. Us hardworking employees will be parking across the street at MGM. Valet will park cars at the New York, New York garage next door and if you don’t think the prospect of having valets – who don’t know how to drive – driving through guest parking is scary you have another thing coming. 

This will impact MCSD because we will have to crap two extra officers each shift to patrol our parking area at MGM, though we might be able to do away with the officer at Eddie – 1, so who knows. 

For the second time this week, I ended up doing a report for a call I didn’t respond to. It was about 0215 and we get a call for unknown trouble at valet, which turned out to be a couple reporting somebody had broken into their car while it had been parked in the garage. Guy was the first one there and while earlier this week Redneck Randy had used his Midwestern charm to make it seem like he was doing me a favor by letting me do his report, Guy just sort of clumsily asked me if would take it, like a shy kid asking a girl if she wanted to have sex. I was happy to. I enjoy reports and most people don’t, so what the hell. 

At 0630 I’m hanging out with Radtke at Eddie – 1 when we get a report of a sleeper in the poker 100’s. It’s a short walk from Eddie – 1 to the poker 100’s, and there are zero inside units available, so I head in and take care of it in short order, then join Fred at the sportsbook. Fred is dealing with a sleeper of his own and had announced he could use some backup. 

Fred’s sleeper was getting a tad testy because Fred is ignoring his claim he wasn’t sleeping, though he was unable to produce an alternative for why his eyes were closed and his chin was resting on his chest. The guy was embarrassed and, as usually happens when you have an embarrassed guest, he was angry, too. He sees me walk up, a development he greets with no visible signs of rapture. 

“Oh, you,” he said, as if he’d seen me before. He reiterated his claim he wasn’t sleeping. 

Fred lets me step in. 

“Well, sir, Fred says you were and his opinion is the one that matters.” My tone was so sweet you could put it in your morning coffee. There’s a reason for this. One, a confrontational attitude will get you a confrontation right now, which probably means a report and, two, Fred and I are going to win the argument. The guest can’t throw us out, after all. If we say you gotta go, you gotta go. It’s that simple. But you can assert your position without getting all worked up. 

We get the guy walking and soon we’re out the poker doors and I keep the charm level set at Cary Grant and all he wants, really, is to be listened to for a few minutes and while we ignore his call to consult video coverage on this one, eventually we get him off property and he even ended up shaking our hands. 

They’ve continued to have prime rib in the EDR the past few nights, and it continues to be pretty good. Maybe not Lawry’s or Jerry’s Nugget quality, but I’ve paid for worse around town. This is really good for morale, especially mine. It puts a nice spring in your step knowing a good meal awaits you and you can’t beat a good prime rib, if you ask me. 

Here is your Outside lineup for tonight:

Mary 1 – Redneck Randy
Mary 2 – moi
Baker 1 – Jo(s)e

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