June 8 & 9

June 8
The guest elevators have video screens which play various promotional crap for the hotel, including master magician Lance Burton performing an interactive card trick.

It’s a pretty neat trick; he shows you five oversized playing cards, all face cards, and invites you to pick one. He then turns the cards over, shuffles and moves them around, announces he thinks he has your card picked out, and removes a card. Lance then displays the remaining cards. The card you picked is, of course, no longer one of the cards shown. 

The first time I saw this I was amazed he picked the card I chose. Being rather slow I was also amazed the second time. The third time, though, I was on to him because the second set of cards he shows are different than the first set! They’re the opposite suit. For example, if the King of hearts is displayed the first time, the King of diamonds is shown the second time. 

June 9
I am not one to jump off bridges before I get to them, but I think my hotel days are coming to an end. 

JK, Boy Dispatcher, gave notice today and it is likely Ted will pick up the other three days in dispatch, which means it is likely I will pick up Ted’s days outside.

Not only that, but Schempp has also been kicked back inside the casino! He pissed 77Charles off by coming in an hour late once this week and I may well pick up Tuesdays and Wednesdays outside, especially since that is Jo(s)e’s weekend. 

Fortunately, I have my famous ‘tell me where to go, sign the check’ attitude or I would not be pleased, especially after tonight’s triumph in the hotel. I got a round in within an hour or so and by 2330 was sitting in a suite on 22 because the whole floor is being remodeled. When 10-10 rolled around I went to the EDR and ate with Junior and Bi-Bob and before you could say “OMP” it had turned into a 10-25 or so before I moseyed up to 32 for tower checks. I was back in the suite on 22 by 0045 and spent the next hour and twenty minutes lying on the bed, since there was no need to go to the EDR for 482. 

Later, I was 20 minutes into killing a half-hour at the 29-336 storeroom when I got a call for a guest assist. As fate would have it, it was for 30-336, exactly one floor above me and I actually got there before the guest did. After that – and this is what makes me a complete maniac – I went back to 29-336 and started in on another half hour, instead of wrapping the one that had been in progress!!! 

I am not making that up. By this time it is 0430; two and half hours have ended since I concluded 482 and I’ve had one call and patrolled exactly two floors. I had better get on the stick, so I spent the last 45 minutes running from floor to floor and managed to get one more round in. 

I think you can see why I don’t want to leave the hotel.

June 6
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