June 12, 15 & 16

June 12
Spent a very pleasant night in dispatch Saturday. I walked into the briefing room prepared to be Mary 2. I didn’t actually know what my assignment for the night was because I had blown off work Friday night to go see Foreigner at Sunset Station, but I have been Mary 2 the past few Saturdays and there was no reason to think I wasn’t Mary 2 tonight. 

But JK, Boy Dispatcher called off and I was thrown upstairs. 

There was one time when we were kind of busy. We were rolling paramedics for this girl who was way too drunk at Houdini’s Lounge when I get a call from a hostess at The Café saying a waitress is chasing down two women who didn’t pay their bill.

This is great. We’re four-nine-nine so radio traffic is shut down save for emergency traffic, but that’s why there are three security channels (one, two and the back-up channel). The problem is finding a 10-8 officer. For a few seconds, we don’t have one, and then Brandon ends his 10-10. 

– Control, Charlie 6, go to 2, please. 

This is a little too complicated for Brandon, who comes up on the main security channel. Eventually, he does make it to two, and I tell him to go to The Café and see the hostess and a bit lat4er the girls are caught at an ATM getting some money so they can go and pay their bill. 

The highlight was watching this young couple go at it on the bridge to the garage. They were pretty drunk, especially her, but she wasn’t so drunk she was going to let him take liberties with her on a public walkway. 

Still though, they were going at it pretty good, though their making out looked more like two people eating corn on the cob and eventually they lost their balance and fell down. 

They’re still going at it though, even more so since they don’t have to worry about losing their balance, and I was about to send an outside unit in to break it up, but Junior – counseling patience – said “No!”. I’m not sure why, except that Junior was getting his rocks off watching them, but eventually we send Redneck Randy in to break it up and make sure they’re OK. 

June 15
Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – X-Ray
Henry 3 – Code Four Carlin

I am trying not to dwell on the fact this may well be my last regular night in the hotel, but it’s tough. Typically, though, I am not going to worry about it and am content to let matters take their own course, which they are going to do anyway. 

June 16
If this was my last night in the hotel, History will record the last call X-Ray and I rolled together on was a noise complaint on 9. 

I was actually in the EDR about to take Code Four Carlin’s final 10-10 with him when we caught the squeal. There was some momentary, hilarious confusion when X-Ray thought we were there on a welfare check. Regardless, the elderly Japanese man who answered the door seemed rather confused about having two bald men, one white, and one black, in front of him doing their Reid/Malloy impression. 

As I should be, I am content with my hotel career. My body of work stands on its merits: the naked chicks, the 10-10’s, the Foot on the Desk percentage; all have ensured my place in the hotel history books. But, more than anything, I suppose, I will forever be known as co-founder of the International Henry Units and mentor to X-Ray and I did that work well because X-Ray is going straight to the top in the hotel racket.

I’m code four with that; it’s a nice legacy. 

Here is your Outside lineup for tonight:

Mary 1 – Ted
Mary 2 – moi
Baker 1 – Jo(s)e

I guess the four units outside rule doesn’t apply on weekends.

June 8 & 9
June 17
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