May 1

May 1
Boy, we were hopping Saturday. We were so busy yours truly was the only outside unit to get an uninterrupted 482, which is almost unprecedented. I mean, outside units don’t take their 482’s as seriously as Henry units – no one takes their 482’s as seriously as Henry units, that is simply not possible – but still. 

At 0100, just as Redneck Randy had started 482, we got sent to South Fountain for an unknown disturbance. Redneck Randy interrupted his 482 a few seconds later when it was reported that someone had accented the unknown disturbance by presenting a weapon. 

Like last night, I’m in the garage when this goes down, and, like last night, I scream out of the garage lights blazing and running stop signs left and right, but, unlike last night I sped down the wrong side of the street!

This was so cool it wasn’t even funny. There were a couple of taxis pulling into Monte Carlo at the time and even they had the good sense to pull over and let me go. I get there and there is a lot of milling around and a young lady lying on the ground bleeding. She is being attended by another young lady. 

I step in and take charge. The girl, whose name is Jenna, is able to talk and her only injury is a pretty nice cut over her left eye. Jo(s)e brings the med bag and we administer some first aid, but my big job is being reassuring until paramedics arrive. Redneck Randy ends up directing traffic on South Drive with Ted relegated to walking around like he knows what he’s doing and yapping on the radio every now and then. 

The paramedics showed up and loaded her, but then she decides she doesn’t want to go to the hospital so they release her but she can’t drive and I end up driving her and her car to the employee parking lot where she sits for a while before someone comes and picks her up. 

I forget why Jo(s)e’s 482 was interrupted. 

Ted had been dining for about ten minutes when we got a call from 911 saying someone had called them from a payphone at Monte Carlo, saying he was having a heart attack.

Unfortunately, no one knows which phone the call came from, though we do have the number, which is nice but ends up doing us some zero good. I’m driving towards the south fountain so I can check the front when paramedics turn on South Drive, so I turn around and lead them to Eddie – 2 and we enter through the fire doors.

“Where we going?” a paramedic asks, a fairly reasonable question. 

“Honestly? I have no clue,” I said. 

Redneck Randy had already checked the lobby and Bi-Bob had checked the food court with no results, so I took them to the front, heading past the café and the buffet. No one is sprawled out at the phones near the escalator and we head out the north fountain doors where we see Gorgeous George standing with a man sitting on the ground clutching his chest. George’s radio isn’t working, though it would’ve been nice if he’d gone into the casino and called dispatch.

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