April 29

April 29
Here was your outside lineup for last night: 

Mary 1 – Ted
Mary 2 – moi
Baker 1 – Jo(s)e
Baker 2 – Schempp

We continued with the practice of keeping two units in the garage at all times, but while Judy prefers to keep a fixed schedule, Ted prefers to wing it and each of us floated in and out. Someone would go in for an hour or then announce he was bored and someone else would replace him. 

We did have a fight outside by the south fountains that turned out to be some yahoos in a limo throwing bottles at some other yahoos who just happened to be standing on Monte Carlo property and one guy got hit in the head and had a minor boo-boo and the cops were all over it and someone even called an ambulance even though overall it wasn’t much of an incident. Since an ambulance rolled it did require a report, however, which Schempp milked for so long we asked if he wanted cookies to accompany his milk. 

Rolling to this call completely ruled. I was in the garage and sped down the ramp with the lights going, turned left on South Drive and blew through two (2) stop signs. For complete Reid/Malloy effect I really should’ve gone down the wrong side of the street instead of following Ted, but I did have the good sense to park the truck in the middle of a turn lane backing up traffic while Ted waited to make a U-turn. 

As is his wont, Ted hogged all the radio traffic, which visibly annoyed Schempp who prefers to be on the point in these matters, but he was out of luck, which was actually all right cause Ted works the radio well. 

Later, Jo(s)e and I were in the garage when we spotted Daddy picking up his girls after their night’s work. 

– Mary 2, Baker 1, do you see that gold Yukon there?
– Yeah, looks like daddy’s picking up his girls.
– If his girls were any good, daddy would be driving an Escalade. 

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – X-Ray
Henry 2 – White Sox Metzger
Henry 3 – Brandon

OMP’s vacation continues so Brandon gets the start. He’s the first rookie to debut in the hotel in a while and privately X-Ray and I are wondering how he’ll do. He’s ex-Army and he’s back from Iraq, but can he handle the pressures of the hotel? And on a weekend, no less! I mean, sure, he’s seen the ravages of war, but how will he respond when the welfare checks start going down? X-Ray will be there, of course, and I’ll be keeping tabs on matters from outside, so the hotel should still be standing in the morning. 

Here is your Outside lineup for tonight:

Mary 1 – Redneck Randy
Mary 2 – Ted
Mary 3 – moi
Baker 1 – Jo(s)e

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