May 10, 11 & 24

May 10
Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – X-Ray
Henry 3 – Code Four Carlin

Another slow night. Gee whiz, what do we have to do to get some excitement, stir something up ourselves? I had three calls, X-Ray had two and Code Four Carlin pitched a one-hitter. It was as if we were the ones imploded Tuesday and not the Boardwalk. 

Antonio is gone from the EDR. He quit, I think, and this is no great loss. Recall Antonio couldn’t make a correct hotcake and he put thumbprints in your sandwich. 

He has been replaced by Daryl. Daryl knows how to make hotcakes, using three squirts instead of two and does not put thumbprints in your sandwich and he knows when a growing boy like me says he wants cheese in his omelet that he wants some goddamn cheese in his omelet, not just a light dusting over the top. 

Plus they have rotisserie chicken now, which is usually fresh, even at 0300, and is pretty good. 

May 11
Finally, after several months, we had some decent nudity at work. 

X-Ray and I rolled on a noise complaint in a hot tub suite on 29. A pretty ugly Mexican guy answers the door. The music is pretty loud and we see a stark naked young lady walk in from the bathroom. 

We tell the guy he’s got to keep it down. Then the girl, still buck naked, sashays over and announces they are getting married in a couple of hours so, on behalf of the International Henry Units, I offer congratulations.

X-Ray and I were also thinking – as you, no doubt, would’ve been – “Look, it’s none of our business, but if you’re getting married in a couple of hours, who the hell’s the naked blonde in the sack? The maid of honor?”

I am not making that up. There was another pretty young thing sitting in bed, and X-Ray and I discussed this and agreed the part about getting married was complete crap; they were working girls because anyone else would’ve covered up. Most women would not waltz to the door naked. 

Redneck Randy and I were changing after work and as I was walking out FTO Terry, pulling some dayshift OT, walks into the changing room. He had gotten off work at 2300 last night and didn’t look altogether pleased to be back at 0630. I mocked him by greeting him warmly. 

Get your fucking ass out of my face.
Oh shit, is that Terry? It’s Redneck Randy.
– You’re goddamn right it is. Now, why don’t you shut the fuck up?
– Careful, Randy, don’t drop anything.”

In the free-wheeling locker room camaraderie of us guys, this was all pretty funny. 

May 24
Did poker drop with a new guy, Radtke, last night. He was a little sloppy. 

First, he announced to dispatch that the poker boxes were all down, which was news to me because I was still putting the last two down as he announced this. 

This is sloppy, especially for such a routine floor duty like poker drop. In fact, it’s almost trivial, but you do not announce poker boxes are down until the poker boxes are actually down. 

Then after he has conducted the drop and I have them all in the cart he asks if we have all of them. 

This is sloppy, too, and is not trivial. We signed out 18 boxes and if we like our jobs we really should bring 18 boxes back. 

Radtke said he trusted me. I told him look, it’s not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of you knowing there are 18 boxes in the cart because you counted them yourself. 

To his credit, he didn’t roll his eyes or anything like that. Radtke is a good Minnesota kid, properly respectful of his elders. He’s here for grad school and is pretty funny and he counted the boxes, all 18, in good spirits. 

The bad news is I may not be in the hotel all week! I am not making that up. I am teaching CPR refresher classes all week and it is easier to have me as a Charlie unit for this. The classes don’t take all that long, but there is set up and tear down, plus some paperwork. Today’s class was Redneck Randy, Guy, Judy, Jo(s)e, Bi-Bob and Junior. All were as eager as me this not take any longer than necessary. 

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