October 11

October 11
There’s been some discontent on graveyard, I’m afraid. Actually, it’s been brewing for a while.

Ted, 77Rick and Blakely are making pests of themselves by very aggressively running out hookers. Ted is always on the horn from dispatch getting officers to go and shoo them out and Blakely does this on his own and all this is encouraged by 77Rick. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if he is up in dispatch at times coordinating all this.

Which is all right. He’s the assistant shift manager and if he wants to do this, it’s certainly his prerogative. Prostitution is, of course, a vile, disgusting crime here in Clark County, though down the road a ways in Pahrump it provides honorable, honest work for dozens of girls. 

The problem is the radio traffic for all of this gets a little tedious to listen to at times. Say Blakely ID’s a girl at the sports bar, either because she appears to be under 21 or because we think we’ve run her before. He’ll relay the name to dispatch and Ted or Junior will look the name up to see if she’s a prior and then announce the results to Blakely. Or Ted will spot some suspects at the sports bar or hanging around a slot bank and send an officer over and it takes up a lot of radio traffic. 

So 88TonyB, who approves of moving hookers out but doesn’t like the radio traffic attendant with it, started putting Blakely outside which did some zero good because it turned out he took his Eddie – 1 or New York, New York gate duties very seriously and was turning in illegal parkers left and right. 

It was a complete minefield on the casino floor tonight. All of a sudden the 2000-0400 shift has become chick central and there were foxy dealers from here to Reno. Cassandra had the night off, but Blanca, and her pretty friend Cassie, were there, as was our old friend Lisa, returning after a couple-three months on day shift. In the past, Lisa has actually consented to go out with me, but she deals at what seems like every casino in town besides Monte Carlo and we never actually got around to going out.

I had just finished giving Radtke the grand tour of which women were currently in favor and we found ourselves standing at the end of pits four and five (they run parallel) surveying the situation. 

We agreed these things run in cycles. There was a time when I had zero lines in the water, save for the perpetual Naomi line, and now I am knee-deep in women who are in play. Neither scenario results in actual dates, of course, but it’s great fun to think you’re a stud with multiple lines in the water. 

Radtke and I both had a 0100 482. I get to the EDR a little early cause Lisa’s next break is also at 0100 and if she sees me there she probably will sit with me and no sooner do I sit down then Ted clears Code Four Carlin for his 10-10!

Crap! Carlin will probably sit with me, and, while I like Code Four Carlin, I do not want him sitting next to me when I am trying to attract a woman. Snot running down my nose would do a better job of that. 

Inevitably Code Four Carlin does join me and Radtke does, too, and all I can do is wave at Lisa as she goes and sits somewhere else. Sigh. The best-laid plans of mice and bachelors and all that. 

482 was interrupted at 0135 when Junior needed officers to respond to the food court cans for a sick employee. Radtke and I are off before Junior is even done speaking because the employee dining room is right above the food court. We are met by a front desk clerk named Bill, CC the really cute hotel manager and another front desk clerk named Daniela, who is having trouble breathing and indicates she is having abdominal pain. 

Hell, I don’t know what to do, so I start asking questions and all she can really say is ‘asthma’ and she nods when I ask her if she wants oxygen. 

Right then Bi-Bob and Schempp show up with the med bag and Schempp does a really good job of getting the oxygen ready and paramedics are called and then somebody shows up with her inhaler and then the paramedics show up and take charge. 

Her lungs were working fine, the paramedics said, and they suspected she was having an anxiety attack and I lighten matters up by saying yeah, you’d have an anxiety attack, too if you worked for CC, which was funny because CC is a nice, quiet, sweet young lady and Bi-Bob liked the line so much he stole it no less than three times the rest of the night. 

This whole deal takes an hour, when you count putting a new oxygen bottle in the med bag and whatnot, and I catch a break when Bi-Bob all but begs to do the report and at 0230 I report for duty at pit four to help Schempp and Daisy to the west pit drop. 

After that, I perform a dull, routine floor duty and talk to Lisa a little more, since her table is empty. She said the 1200 to 2000 hours on dayshift she thought she’d like turned out to be a pain in the ass and she was glad to be back on swing shift. Then I go to Eddie 2, the employee entrance, to take Rich’s 10-10 with him and at 0430 Ted sends me on a whopping 35-minute break, the usual break plus the 482 time I lost. I had written it off, but Ted had my back and later Radtke got a 35 as well. 

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