October 13

October 13
Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

All three Henry units passed very routine nights. It was slow enough so the Foot on the Desk percentage nudged its way past the halfway mark for the first time, checking in at 51 percent, which means I spent just a shade over four hours on 10-10, 482 or sitting in a maid’s room with my feet up on a desk.

I did run into some trouble with the Pepsi machine on 27. On two occasions I came across guests arguing with it. One claimed it took a dollar from her but wouldn’t accept the second dollar, while the other said the machine accepted the required amount from her but refused to produce a soda.

There really wasn’t a whole lot I could do except stand with my hands on my hips, staring crossly at the machine, which I did, and refer them to the front desk. I did offer to rebate both guests the lost amount, but both refused and returned to their rooms although in one case the female half of an Australian couple asked if she could “pound” the machine and I said, sure, as long it wasn’t too hard and she ended up giving it a pretty good kick. I ended up writing a note and securing it to the machine with a Band-Aid.

Tuesday I was in the casino for just the second time in four weeks, leading off as Charlie 1. If you are going to be a Charlie unit, Charlie 1 isn’t too bad a way to go. I started off manning the podium then followed that with an hour of fills, my first in six weeks, and then I went 482 and had an hour in the west end of the casino before doing the west pit drop with Rich.

History will record this as being the last 0300 pit drop at Monte Carlo. From now on pit drops will be done at 0230, for reasons MCSD is certain will be explained to them one day. The Nevada Gaming Commission does have rules concerning pit drops, but they leave it up to individual casinos to when and how often they want to do them, the Commission’s main concern being they go off on time and without interruption. Monte Carlo used to do them at 0300, 1100 and 1900, but now there will be only one drop at 0230.

There was an incident Tuesday in the hotel that led to an arrest. A man brought a hooker back to his room. This isn’t all that noteworthy, of course, however it is rare when the wife is in the room at the time.

I was manning Eddie – 2 when this went down. For some reason, the wife and hooker started fighting with the hooker winning in a TKO and the wife, disgraced by her loss, decided to press charges so the hooker was hooked up.

For his part, the husband, who was stoned, claimed the hooker followed him to his room.

Saturday night was busy. We had simultaneous four-nine-nine’s, one for a medical in the brewery and another for a medical in the hotel.

D-Dawg and I were at a domestic in the hotel when they went down, within a minute of each other, and consequently, neither of us was entirely sure what the hell was going on. This couple had been going at it pretty good – yelling, throwing things, the whole nine yards – and by the time we got matters calmed down (D-Dawg took command nicely here) we had paramedics rolling to both the CSO and the hotel and neither of us had any idea where to go because we had no idea what room the hotel four-nine-nine was in. It is not good form, however, to get on the radio and announce you don’t know what the hell is going on, so I announce we are code four at our domestic and D-Dawg and I are standing by, awaiting instructions.

We were told there was a four-nine-nine in room 26-136.

Well, that’s nice, but we still didn’t know what to do. Who was responding? Was an elevator being locked out? So I radioed OMP and asked him if he needed the med bag and he said he didn’t know cause he wasn’t there yet and then Twerp announces he has an elevator locked out so our course of action is clear: D-Dawg and I head to the HSO to get the med bag, which is actually three separate bags, one containing some first aid stuff, another with the oxygen bottle in it and another with the AED in it.

Eventually, we arrive and OMP is there and now there is confusion as to which elevators to bring the paramedics up in. Twerp, lacking instructions to the contrary, went and locked out a guest elevator but the 136 rooms are right across from the bellman’s elevators and it was decided to use those, so I headed down and brought them up.

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