October 17, 18 & 19

October 17
Did some swing shift OT Monday. As usual on swing shift, I spent most of my time telling people where the bathroom is.

I did move on one call with Tim S. at the buffet restrooms. A woman had reported her granddad has been in there a fairly long time so we go in and find grandpa on the can, unable to get up. He had completed his business, he just needed a hand getting off the can, which we were happy to provide, though due to the logistics of the stall, Tim ended up putting on his gloves and doing most of the work. 

Special Ed, himself doing OT at Eddie – 1, joined me for 482. We got into a rather in-depth, technical discussion about sports betting, which he does a lot of, and I know little about, though I was able to throw terms like “action” and “the vig” out there, so I was more or less able to wing it. 

October 18
Daisy joined me for 482 tonight. Let me tell you something, there are more pretty, young Mexican girls at Monte Carlo than Cabo on spring break. You would think that between Angelica, Maria, Silvia and Princess Emma I would have enough pretty, young Mexican girls in my life, but you’d be wrong, there’s always room for one more. You might also think they’d have better things to do than hang out with a bald 40-year-old loser, but you’d be wrong there, too. 

I really wanted to kill Bi-Bob. I went in for 10-10 about 0030 and he and Jim are sitting in the main area wrapping up 482. I go and make a salad and go sit in my usual corner because I don’t like the main area because it’s loud when Bi-Bob comes and joins me! Crap! I don’t want this! Lisa’s next break comes at 0040 and if I’m alone she will usually come and join me, but if Bi-Bob is there, forget it. Right on schedule Lisa enters the EDR, scopes me out, waves, gets something to drink and goes and sits somewhere else. Fabulous. A wasted opportunity. 

Radtke’s latest woman is Natalie from the front desk. A very young, anorexically thin blonde but Radtke likes them really thin, probably because he himself weighs a buck ten. He reported he talked with her at the front desk while I was on my weekend.

Radtke is learning his stalking lessons well; he said he already knows what her days off are and that he’ll be at the employee entrance during the 0400, which is when she leaves. 

October 19
Saw 77Dwayne in the EDR tonight. Dwayne transferred to Engineering a while back and he asked if there was news on the promotion front and I said no, I still haven’t heard anything other than the rumors he and 77Charles let me in on and he said be patient, don’t ask any questions and it will all work out. I told him that’s been more or less my plan and he said don’t worry about it, I’m a “shoo-in” for one of the spots. I appreciated the thought, but no one’s told me to go get fitted for a suit yet, so I am not holding my breath.

I kinda want the job. Sports officiating has taught me the benefits of being in charge. In past lives I’ve been a sailor, radio announcer and newspaper reporter, doing none of them with any particular distinction, and it would be nice to get promoted if for no other reason than I haven’t had one in the memory of man. 

Radtke and I both had 0300 482’s but we ended up not sitting together. Lisa and I were sitting together when he walked in so Radtke – sensibly and knowingly – went and sat somewhere else. Then when Lisa left I went to go sit with him but he was sitting with Emily, a very pretty girl who works in the cage. He later briefed me on the matter and said she was the one working it, of all things, and the last they needed was me joining them so I retired to PBX. 

Radtke’s got some decisions to make. He has no less than three women in play right now. He says Nong is still #1 in the power rankings, but Natalie has the same days off he has and now Emily is shooting up the charts, too. I told Radtke that the bachelor life being what it is he could end up going out with all of them, or, as likely as not, none of them. You never know. 

In PBX Angelica was busy playing with her Nintendo, so Maria and I talked about her boyfriend and I asked if there was a ring on the horizon and she said she wasn’t sure, not that she’s pining for one anyway. I asked her if she’s made dinner for her man yet, and she said no, not really, and I said too bad because few things make a bachelor happier than a home-cooked meal and a couple of months of home cooking will probably produce a ring.

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