October 20

October 20
Here was your Henry lineup for last night:

Henry 1 – X-Ray
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 3 – Michaels

Donovan called off, so I was thrown in there, and it was a great night to be out of the casino because they were busting hump all night. First, Fred did a pretty nice piece of detective work, coming up with some suspects in a purse snatching from last week. Surveillance video showed the suspect was an Asian man and Fred said he had seen two Asian men and an Asian woman loitering around the casino recently and spotted them again and while we weren’t able to make them for the purse snatching, we did 86 them for being generally suspicious.

I did move on a call with X-Ray before I even broke a sweat. I was in the EDR chatting with Lisa before heading up when X-Ray gets on the horn and our radio traffic is indicative of the respect X-Ray has earned during his time here, when he has gone from wild-eyed hotel trainee to The Strip’s premier hotel officer: 

– Henry 1, Henry 2.
– Henry 2, sir. At your orders.
– Yeah, let me get you up here to the 29 maids room. Code Four.
– 10-4, sir. To hear is to obey. 

 It broke my heart to leave Lisa, but this was an official International Henry Unit call, so naturally, I did my duty. I get there and X-Ray is standing there with a case of beer and bottles of vodka and tequila which had been found in a hallway. 

We’ve been through this before here: we can’t leave booze unattended in the hall because what if a kid finds it, and we can’t throw it away because what if an employee not as pure of heart as X-Ray and I find it?

So we dump it out. In my opinion, this isn’t as tragic as the time X-Ray and I had to dump out two bottles of champagne, but when we told Ted in dispatch that tequila was involved, he almost wept. 

10-10 ruled. Completely and utterly. Prime rib was on the general menu for the night and Daryl cut me off a special hunk just for old time’s sake and it was the best prime rib yet, about the size of a craps table and so rare all Daryl did was wipe its ass before throwing it on the grill, which is just the way I like it. 

We had clocked out and were at our lockers when Rich and I teamed up for a funny. Bi-Bob is taking tonight off to ‘celebrate’ the anniversary of his marriage. There was some speculation as to who his trainee would be pawned off on for the night and it turned out to be Blakely. Spending your whole night chasing hookers could be tedious and there was a lot of sympathy for the kid, who seems like a nice enough sort. 

“Well, at least Blakely’s straight,” I said. “There won’t be any training sessions in the spa.”
“No,” Rich said. “But after eight hours with Blakely, he may want them.”

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