October 26 & 27

October 26
Suffered through my weekly night in the casino, leading off as Charlie 1. Though there have been changes in the schedule brought about by the poker and pit drops each starting thirty minutes earlier, Charlie 1 still starts off manning the podium and doing fills at midnight.

We are really shorthanded. There are no less than six (6) fulltime slots open on graveyard and they are not going to be filled for a while. We used to have 21 or 22 people for a typical shift, but now we are getting by with as few as 16, counting inside and outside units, plus the brewery and dispatch. It does not leave much margin for error, and there is OT out the wazoo, but if they don’t want to hire anybody there isn’t much you can do about it, except bend over and hope they at least sanded the broom handle.

I was patrolling Area 9 during the 0500 hour, which is usually pretty dreary because the east end of the casino is usually deserted after 0300, but Rich came by to chat. We were actually standing in Area 8, near the craps pits and from where you have a good view of pits four and five and Rich and I found ourselves discussing the merits and attributes of a certain female employee. We both agreed she was rather pretty, but Rich noted she must’ve inherited her wardrobe from an aunt stuck in the seventies because it’s straight from the Mary Tyler Moore Collection. Still though, Rich noted she was probably the type who would ‘snap your dick off’, which had me laughing pretty hard.

Here is your Henry lineup for tonight:

Henry 1 – moi
Henry 2 – Lee
Henry 3 – X-Ray

It’s going to be great to be back with the regular Wednesday crew again. After three days off and a night in the casino, I am ready to knock out a great Foot on the Desk percentage.

October 27
Set a personal record last night with a Foot on the Desk percentage of 54.5 percent. As with all the great ones, a lot goes into setting a PB and it was no different last night.

First, we were really, really slow. I had five calls all night, all of them routine and none particularly time-consuming.

Second, I didn’t go to the EDR for my first 10-10. Henry 1 always takes his first 10-10 at midnight, and at 2350 I sat down behind the desk in the 24th-floor maid’s room. At 2358 Junior cleared me for my 10-10 and five minutes later, having not moved from my seat behind the desk in the 24th-floor maid’s room, I announced I was starting 10-10.

Ten minutes later I told dispatch I was through with my 10-10 and at 0020, more or less, got up and resumed normal patrol, racking a full half-hour of Foot on the Desk time. All told, I spent 260 minutes, a full 4.333 hours, doing nothing.

But there really wasn’t much going on. X-Ray and Lee rolled on a couple of noise complaints together, but the upper classes in the high rent district were behaving themselves.

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