September 17 & 22

September 17
Passed a very leisurely night and thanks to a CPR class I didn’t hit the floor until 0500 or so. 

And I didn’t even have to teach the class, merely supervise Brandon and Kevin from swing shift, who were making their debuts as Monte Carlo CPR instructors. 

To make it even sleazier, the class started at 1900 and was halfway done when I got there and they had just started 482 when I clocked in, so I had 45 minutes before I had to go to work. I went to the EDR and there wasn’t any prime rib because it’s some sort of Mexican holiday and the EDR was celebrating with extra tostada shells and miniature Mexican flags in the brownies. 

James had a great line. We were talking about a supervisor position that might be opening up in PBX and James, a newly appointed Relief Supervisor, said the main task of a PBX supervisor is taking blame and he lamented about this at length, eventually pointing to his name tag, which also has his title on it, and saying “It shouldn’t say James Relief Supervisor on it, it should say James, My Fault” which is one of his best lines ever. 

The classes went well. Brandon is an EMT and has forgotten more first aid than I’ll ever know and all I had to do was sit in the back, drink coffee and throw a tidbit out there every now and then to reinforce that I was in overall command. The class wrapped up around 0300 and I put everything away, filled out the attendant paperwork in the EDR, where I ended up chatting with Princess Emma, whom I hadn’t talked to in weeks. 

I then went back to PBX. I had nothing to do. I was not a designated Charlie unit and 88TonyB had asked me if I wanted to go home and I said no, I’ll stick around, just in case. My plan was to kill the rest of the night in PBX with James, Angelica and Adrian. As it turned out, Dee, working OT, had to leave to take his son to the ER, so I went down and roved for the last couple of hours. 

September 22
Saw Judy for the first time in three months tonight. You will recall that she has been on an extended leave of absence because her husband’s been sick. 

Judy said she would’ve preferred not coming back to work, but she didn’t want to lose her insurance and her husband was going back to light duty at his job and he was probably getting tired of looking at her and you have to get back to normal life eventually. 

Since we no longer have a Mary 2 vehicle, and since Guy had commandeered the mail truck, Judy and I ended up patrolling together, just like Reid and Malloy. It completely ruled. Our first case was a car that had been parked in the guest lot for a few days. It was a new Toyota, no plates, probably stolen, and Judy makes the command decision to have it towed. After that, I drop her off at the pool so she can recover from this trauma, and I go on patrol alone. 

There was nothing going on. I stop and chat with Schempp at the New York, New York gate and he was good conversation tonight. Schempp’s five-day window for wearing shorts has passed and he was back to wearing long pants, despite it being a really nice night. 

Judy went 482 at 0100 and after supervising the guy driving the tow truck, I went and manned the four-way till I went 482 at 0300 and then I relieved Schempp so he could go 482 and at 0500 I went to Eddie – 2 and picked up the Mary – 1 chariot while Judy did the 10-17 on the towed vehicle and I spent the entire hour chatting with Rich, who was manning Eddie – 2 for the hour. 

Actually, I spent the rest of the shift at Eddie – 2. Brad, dayshift Mary 1, came on at 0600, so I was left vehicleless and the new girl Daisy was manning Eddie – 2 the last hour and she is rather funny and really cute so it wasn’t the most difficult task spending the last hour with her.

September 16
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