September 27

September 27
The big news is an employee died at work yesterday. It was a cage supervisor named Jim. He was in the second-floor offices above the cage when he had a heart attack. Special Ed and 88Dick responded but reportedly the heart attack was so bad he could’ve had it at his annual physical and it wouldn’t have done him any good. Jim was all of 38. 

Speaking of death, no one has heard from OMP in ages and reports are his phone is no longer in service. He doesn’t have to be dead, of course, he could’ve moved in with his kids or something like that, but either way he’s not bothering to keep MCSD posted even though he still officially works here. 

Shared the shuttle ride to MGM with X-Ray. We seldom get to spend any time together and we were treated to a nice, long wait for the shuttle and a leisurely drive over. 

Life is a hassle for X-Ray now, though. He had a water leak in front of his house and the city said it was his responsibility and it is taking time to fix and in the meantime, his house doesn’t have water and he is not getting much sleep. He is, however, taking this with the customary X-Ray good humor.

There was a funny incident involving White Sox Metzger last night. I was standing at MGM waiting for the shuttle with the new guy, Jim, who was reporting for his second day, so I made the obligatory joke about him deciding to come back and he said sure, Bi-Bob (his training officer) didn’t get to him too much, which was funny cause Bi-Bob was flirting with me left and right Tuesday night and Jim had to be wondering what in the hell was going on here. 

As we’re waiting White Sox Metzger waddles up. With perfect timing, I greet Metzger by his first name and tell Jim “Well, Bob’s not the one you have to worry about, it’s that asshole Metzger!”

White Sox Metzger laughed and said, “That’s no shit, Metzger’s the biggest asshole around.”

The big news last night, though, was that Radtke got 15 minutes of face time with his woman, Nong. We had both written this one off, as his initial stalking didn’t produce a date, mainly because he never bothered to ask her out, but Radtke is back in the game, there is no doubt about it. 

Radtke’s on his way to a great bachelor career. He’s got the obligatory couple-three lines in the water, finds minor, ticky-tack faults in the dates he does bother to go out on and has a crush on someone completely unattainable. If he can avoid knocking some broad up there is no reason he shouldn’t be completely set in his ways and bitter by the time he’s 40. Rich, X-Ray and I agree that if you can hold out that long you can sit back and enjoy the rest of your life by yourself.

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