September 2 & 10

September 2
Picked up another report last night in the Charlie 9 hole, this one before I even had my radio turned on. Rich and I were at the elevator waiting to go up to the floor and he said “This isn’t good; they’re looking for you already.”

What the hell. As Charlie 9 I had no assigned duties for the night except to rove and relieve Eddie – 1 for lunch at 0100, so I turned my radio on in good spirits.

– Charlie 9, 10-8, sir.
– Copy. 85 to the podium for 10-17.

Junior sees no pressing need to tell me what the report I will be doing is about, preferring to let me wing it, and I head off in good spirits. 

I am met at the podium by a husband and wife team known as the Brady’s. Mrs. Brady, it seems, was playing some roulette and didn’t bother paying attention to her purse and seemed surprised when later she was unable to find it. It had some credit cards and her ID and cell phone in it, but no money, which would really piss the thieves off when they found out. 

This is a rather routine report. I call 88TonyB to get him to call surveillance so they can scope out video coverage cause only supervisors can call surveillance in these matters, but Tony gives me blanket authority to do this myself. 

Surveillance takes the info and reports back that Mrs. Brady sat down at the table at 2130, set her purse down, promptly forgot about it and discovered it missing an hour and fifteen minutes later and that due to guest activity at the table it was impossible to determine exactly what happened to the purse. 

Ladies, outside of wearing panties with your short skirts when you plan on leaning over craps tables, the very best advice I can give is to take care of your purse. I know the thrill and glamour of losing your money in Vegas can make you do silly things, but it’s easier to do these silly things if you have your money and ID with you. 

September 10
Bi-Bob had a really funny line this morning while we were about to board the shuttle after work. It may well be his funniest line ever. 

He was in front of me ready to step on board when he stops and turns around, shows me a palm and scrunches his face.

“Ladies first,” he says. 

Bi-Bob then steps on the shuttle, and to show what a gentleman I am, I graciously hold the door open for him. Bi-Bob was so pleased with his line he repeated it to Ted, who was sitting in the front row. 

“I told Gaylon ladies first,” Bi-Bob repeated, all but giggling. Ted laughed and told me I could sit with him if I didn’t want to chance sitting near Bob, an offer I took him up on. I was obliged to listen to Ted preach about tequila, a subject that interests me not at all, but it was better than having Bi-Bob drooling all over me. 

The big news is I had prime rib on my final 10-10, my first prime rib in a while. I waltzed into the EDR and out of habit noticed a large hunk on Daryl’s cutting board. He cut me a really nice piece and since it had been sitting for a while he put it on the grill and he even fried up two sunny side up as well. 

It wasn’t the best I’d had in the EDR. If a waiter had presented a bill for $30 for this one you would’ve protested. But if he gave you a bill for, say, a $7.99 breakfast special you would have thrown up your hands and yelped “Vegas, bay-bee! That’s what I’m talking about!” and thrown your arms up triumphantly. 

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