September 30 & October 1

September 30
Daryl and I are on such a prime rib wavelength we don’t even have to speak to each other anymore. When I walk into the employee dining room (EDR) and he sees me he merely makes a slicing motion with his right hand and I know he has a hunk of prime rib waiting for me. Last night he cut off my usual side of beef, fried it up and even provided table service, delivering it to where I was sitting, which should ensure his place in heaven or something like that. Usually, I wait while he cooks it, but I told him I was going to go sit with Princess Emma, and he completely understood. 

Radtke really should’ve been at work last night. Rich and I were strolling the casino about 0600 or so when we stumbled upon Radtke’s woman, Nong, and one of my perpetual stalkees, Naomi, manning Rapid Roulette, which requires two dealers. Rich, in perfect bachelor fashion, immediately made himself scarce, and even though I did have to go and briefly help a guest, I got some great face time with Naomi, my first in months. 

So some great face time with two great women. Radtke says I should probably get around to asking one of them out, but I’ve been turned down by Princess Emma before and, besides, there’s no reason to clutter up a perfectly good bachelor life right now. 

October 1
Not for the first time this week, I ended up cutting out early. The first two times were because the CPR classes I was involved in didn’t require the full eight hours, and the few hours I lost really weren’t that big a deal. Last night Redneck Randy called off as Mary 1, so I ended up being Mary 1 and since Mary 1 gets off at 0600, I left then, though I could’ve stayed the extra hour.

We were busy from the get-go. Right as we hit the floor swing shift reported there was a woman down at a slot bank near Rapid Roulette and that we were going four-nine-nine, which means emergency radio traffic only. 

Jo(s)e, in his role as Baker 1, announces he is going to the Boulevard to escort the paramedics up and I go to Eddie 2 since that is where they will be parking and entering the casino from. This requires some minor crowd control because this is where the employee shuttle picks up and drops off, and Radtke and I escort them in and by the time we get there the lady has recovered and announces there is nothing wrong with her, so I escort the paramedics back out and they leave. 

Radtke and I got stuck with a really gross guest escort after he was sent to go get a wheelchair and then to valet to escort a guest to his room.  

We get there at the same time and the guy is gone, completely passed out. Not only that, he has ralphed all over himself and the back of the taxi. I get there and go straight to a locker in the bellman’s storage area and get some gloves, towels and a trash bag, in case he wakes up and wants to ralph some more. 

This is pretty gross. The sight of ralph isn’t all that disgusting and you can usually work around it without getting yourself sick, but once you get a whiff of it, whoa Nelly, that’s it, point, set and match, it’s all over; you’re either going to lose it yourself or come pretty close. Radtke and I both came pretty close, and I was so close once I had to back away holding it back, which Junior and Ted, watching in dispatch, thought was hilarious. 

To get him responsive we had to resort to pouring water on him, a time-tested, though perhaps not approved, MCSD procedure. He is so gone though, it takes what seems like a liter to get him going and Radtke and I don’t get really good results until we start pouring it in his ear. 

He comes to enough so we are able to maneuver him out of the taxi and Radtke fishes his wallet out and while he has a room key his name isn’t on the register. His brother was registered, though and when I ask him what his brother’s name is he gurgles something that sounds like the first name we were given, which is good enough for us. We get to the room and his key opens the door and we wheel him in and we’re met by what Radtke and I assumed were his brother, sister-in-law and wife, who were all rather surprised to see the guy being wheelchaired into the room by security.  

Neither Radtke nor I were altogether pleased we had 482 right after this.

September 27
October 4
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