April 22

April 22
Here was your Henry lineup for last night: 

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – moi
Henry 2 – White Sox Metzger
Henry 3 – X-Ray

Here’s how busy we were: I didn’t make it to any of my favorite Henry 2 sitting posts, maintenance offices in the 100 wings of 13 and 17 at all, which I think is a first. 

Got a rather unusual call early on. Junior sent OMP and me to the 19 maid’s room for unknown trouble. It is certainly not unusual to get sent somewhere for unknown trouble, but a maid’s room? I spend a lot of time in maid’s rooms and there has never been trouble – known or unknown – in any of them, probably because of my near-constant patrols. 

I get off the maid’s elevators and open the door to the maid’s room and I see a houseboy named Juan standing there about to shit his pants, and two friendly-looking white males standing in the doorway which opens to the hall. 

Juan was shitting bricks because he had walked in and found these guys digging around. One of the guys throws his hands up and says it’s his fault, they were just looking for a couple of extra glasses and the door to the maid’s room happened to be opened. 

Well, there was simply no reason not to believe him. Juan was visibly relieved he wasn’t going to be beaten and I instructed him to get these wayward men whatever they needed. Juan seemed pleased to have a duty after his brush with death.

A little while later I ended up making a mistake that ended up with an enraged guest and may well result in a reprimand for yours truly. 

I was sent to a room for a guest assist. My instructions were to get the guest’s name and report it to dispatch. So I get there and the guest is waiting by the door and he reports his ID is in the room. 

There was nothing to suggest the guest was at the wrong room. Still, though, I should’ve asked his name, even if he didn’t have ID, to verify it with dispatch. Instead, I told dispatch the guy’s ID was in his room and we were going to go in and get it. 

It was the wrong room. We walked in on a sleeping couple, the female half of which was not pleased. In fact, she was furious, as she had every right to be. I identified myself as a Monte Carlo security officer – which she didn’t find comforting at all – and we quickly got the hell out of there. I told dispatch what happened and that there was a high degree of probability they would be getting a complaint here in a bit, a line Rich later reported made him laugh, and I took the guy to the front desk and got everything squared away. 

At 0300 I was told to report to dispatch. Right after that White Sox Metzger radios me and asks me to meet him so he can collect my scanner and keys and I’m thinking great, I’m fired, though why I’m being fired in dispatch isn’t immediately clear. 

Turns out JK, Boy Dispatcher is going homesick, so I’m not being fired, I’m merely taking his place. Fortunately, I can write reports in dispatch, because not only do I have to do a report on the inadvertent entry, but I also have one on a missing teddy bear to do. It was a young Asian girl’s cookie monster that was missing, and if you don’t think that tugs at the old heartstrings you got another thing coming. 

I reported the inadvertent entry exactly as it happened. 77Dwayne read it and said, crap, you didn’t pull any punches, adding he had planned to write it himself and soften it up a bit and that I might face some sort of reprimand if the woman “pitched a bitch”. I stole a line from Uncle Duke and said if you can’t stand the heat then get the hell out of Nagasaki. 

Jeffrey is leaving to go work for the prisons, which means yours truly will be outside regularly once a week. Jo(s)e will be the new Baker 1 and I will be Mary 2 on Fridays. I don’t particularly want to be Mary 2 on Fridays, I really prefer the hotel, but tell me where to go, sign the check is my motto, a phrase I stole from Charlie Reliford at umpire school. 

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