July 21 & 22

July 21
Spent a very routine night in the casino last night. About the only useful thing I did was help a drunk find his table. I was standing resolutely at one end of pit two when a drunk guy named Dennis wanders up. I say good evening, Dennis, and ask if there is anything I can do for him. 

“Yes,” he said. “But not now.”

All right. I tell him when I can help him, let me know. I am standing by, ready to serve. He spends a few seconds getting his bearings. He told me he was very drunk and just gotten back from the can and was looking for his table. 

This happens every now and then. If you are a first time visitor it can be easy to get lost, even at Monte Carlo, which has a rather simple casino layout. 

“What game were you playing, sir?”

“The spinning one.”

I nodded. Monte Carlo offers two games that feature spinning, roulette and the Big Six. 

“The one with the big wheel?”

He thought about it for a second.

“No. The one with the ball.”

Usually in this situation,the guest has left money on the table, so I talk to Julie and she calls around and reports he had been playing in pit five.

A couple of times this week the EDR has stolen a prime rib from the buffet. It’s really good prime rib and you throw in some deep-fried shrimp and 482 has been pretty good this week. 

July 22
The big news is Ted finally went DefCon 1 on someone and it cost him. The result is that yours truly, minding his own business in the casino, will be working outside more or less all the time now. 

The deal started when Guy 86’d a cabbie because he had had the nerve to almost run Guy and Jo(s)e over. Guy caught the cabbie and read him the trespass warning, which offers arrest to someone should they later return to Monte Carlo after being told to leave and not come back.

The cabbie found this impractical and ignored it, and when he was later seen picking passengers up Guy told him to leave again and Ted happened to be there and evidently really laid into him so bad that someone actually complained and the next thing anyone knows Ted is being summoned to the office.

Meanwhile, I’m passing time at leisure in the casino. 88TonyB had already told me I would Henry 1 Saturday night and the next thing I know he has me call him to report there are going to be some changes to my schedule and that I will be Mary 2 on Saturday and I will be spending more time outside. I say 10-4 and get back to work. Tony didn’t see fit to bother me with the details of what happened and I didn’t ask; I found out what had happened later from Guy. 

Rich and I were discussing it and we agreed that as a punitive measure moving Ted from outside, where there is little guest contact, to the casino, where you are constantly being asked where the can is, may not be the most strategic move, but we’ll see.

We are still extremely short-handed. We only had seven Charlie units last night and last Sunday there were only five, a number so low it is almost unworkable. And 77Rick said we’ve received exactly one (1) application the past month. 

Rich, Bi-Bob, White Sox Metzger and I were talking about Jamal’s arrest while walking to our cars. White Sox Metzger was on vacation when this happened and he wondered if the $110 he found was still there and what else the girlfriend might have claimed. I was puzzled but Rich picked right up on it and said yeah, there well could’ve been jewelry and other pawnable stuff claimed as well. White Sox Metzger asked Rich if he would hunt down Jamal for the $500 he lost and Rich said no, it was worth $500 “just to get rid of the little shit.”

I hate White Sox Metzger. He has the uncanny ability to top me. We were in wardrobe after work getting our garment bags and he had gotten there first but Abby had gotten my bag first and put it on the counter and then got White Sox Metzger’s and put his on top of mine.

“Hey, how come you got his first?” White Sox Metzger wondered. 

“Cause you suck,” I said not unpleasantly. White Sox Metzger laughed because we get along well and neither of us is mean. He had the last laugh, though, not the first time this has happened, when he took his bag and picked it up in such a way that my bag fell to the ground. 

Here is your Outside lineup for tonight:

Mary 1 – Redneck Randy
Mary 2 – moi
Baker 1 – Jo(s)e

It could be a complete cluster fuck outside. The valet drop off area was closed Friday for remodeling, which meant that all valet, taxi, limo and civilian pick up and drop off is at what used to be the valet pickup and you only need to have valeted your car once at Circus Circus to realize what a fiasco this is. We might be back to normal tonight, but who knows.

July 20
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