June 17

June 17
So I’m minding my own business, on stakeout near the pool doors, when Junior gets on the horn. 

– Control, to a 10-8 outside unit.

Dispatch will seldom ask for a specific outside unit because they generally don’t know which are 10-8 and which are in the garage. As it was, Ted was in the garage and Jo(s)e was farting around somewhere and I beat him to the punch. 

– Mary 2’s 10-8, sir.
– Copy that. 85 to Valet 2. Property damage. See the valet driver, space 440. Get the camera, too. 

Valet 2 is the second level of the parking garage. I have no clue where space 440 is, but I have the lights going and I am waved down by Ray, a former swing shift officer who betrayed the brethren and went to valet last week because they make more money than we do. His supervisor, Chris, was also there. 

Ray had a funny line waiting:

“All right, who had six days in the How-Long-Will-It-Take-Ray-To-Bang-A-Car pool?”

I told him I had had four days in the pool and most had fewer than three before getting to work. I had Ray fill out a voluntary statement and Jo(s)e showed up to remind me to take pictures of the vehicle’s license plate as well as the damage Ray had wrought, which I didn’t know because this was the first report of this type I’ve done. 

When it was all done we schlepped to the CSO so 77Charles could do a pupilometer to make sure Ray wasn’t stoned to the gills. 

After work, I was in the briefing room looking over the schedule and I had a devil of a time finding my name. I first looked at the outside lineup:

Mary 1 – Ted
Mary 2 – Redneck Randy
Mary 3 – Dee (OT from dayshift)
Baker 1 – Jo(s)e

(An almost interesting tidbit here is that Ted will be calling off so he can get a head start on vacation. Rich and I spent not too much time discussing whether they went with an OT Mary unit because they knew this because Ted’s been blabbing about it for a month.)

I checked the hotel lineup, and nothing doing there, either, though get a load of the shocker in the three-hole:

Henry 1 – OMP
Henry 2 – Dougie Fresh
Henry 3 – JK, Boy Dispatcher

OK, the plot thickens a bit. Turns out John had requested one last night in the hotel before he left. 

So where the hell am I? I scanned the Charlie units and I wasn’t there. My name was in the last place I looked. Here is your dispatch lineup for tonight:

David 1 – Junior
David 2 – moi

God bless all of you.

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