June 21

June 21
I completely abused my position in dispatch last night to work the cameras and connive to be in the EDR at the same time two women I have the hots for would be there. 

It was a great plan, brilliantly executed. I shared a very nice break with Lisa, a drop-dead gorgeous dealer, about 35 or so. We’ve actually agreed to go out in the past, but for reasons I’m not entirely sure of never actually did go out. It’s all very hazy right now. 

I also managed to get some quality, though brief, face time with Naomi, who’s a dealer on graveyard. (Dealers have three shifts: days, noon to 2000, swing, 2000 to 0400, and graves, 0400 till noon). The first time I had tried this she acted like I had leprosy or something, which is funny because I swear I’ve seen her scoping me out. 

Matters with Lisa were almost confounded by Princess Emma, though! I like her, too, and while she likes me I don’t really think she Likes me cause the time I asked her out she said no, but we do have lunch together every now and then and I would not want to be in the EDR and have to choose between the two. 

What happened was at 0145 I see Princess Emma head for lunch. Lisa’s next break – and I’m trying not to sound like a stalker here – was scheduled for 0220 and I was prepared to stay in dispatch and come up with another plan when I see Princess Emma walking back to the cage at 0215, leaving me a perfect opportunity to be in the EDR the same time as Lisa. 

Naomi threw me off once, taking a break earlier than I had thought she would. I saw her leaving her table and I thought damn! I’m not ready for this cause something was going on and I can’t leave dispatch. I do get to the EDR a few minutes later and Naomi is getting up from her table and leaving right as I happen to be entering. I say hi and ask if she was named Employee of the Month because she was nominated recently and she said no and I immediately declared the voting rigged and she laughed and it was all very pleasant. 

I don’t see how professional stalkers do this on a daily basis, I really don’t. I’ll find out, though, because I’m in dispatch again tonight. 

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